Scalor Maven Plugin

Build integrator for Java, Scala, Scala.macro, Scala.js, Scala.native, Eclipse and Maven.
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Scalor Maven Plugin41
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Build integrator for Java, Scala, Scala.macro, Scala.js, Scala.native, Eclipse and Maven.
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Alternatives To Scalor Maven Plugin
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Scalor Maven Plugin

Build integrator for Java, Scala, Scala.macro, Scala.js, Scala.native, Eclipse and Maven.

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Scalor Plugin 1.X for Scala IDE 4.7
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Getting started

Plugin features





Eclipse and Maven

Primary Maven goals

Complete goals reference

Eclipse setup


Involves two steps:

  1. declare scalor-maven-plugin in pom.xml editor
    this makes plugin available for Maven and Eclipse M2E
    make sure to provide Maven plugin goal eclipse-config

  2. invoke from menu Eclipse -> Project -> { Auto, Clean, Build }
    this allows Maven plugin to install own Eclipse companion plugin
    which in turn invokes M2E project configurator for Scala projects

Project update tips:

Version mapping

Normally, Scala IDE itself runs on the latest stable Scala Library at the time frame.

For example:

  • Scala IDE 4.7.0 -> Scala Library 2.12.3

Eclipse companion plugin provided by this Maven plugin needs to interact with Scala IDE and hence must run on the Scala Library from the same epoch:

  • Scala IDE 4.7.0 -> scalor-maven-plugin_2.12

However, compiler-bridge module provides an isolation gateway which allows scalor-maven-plugin_2.12 to build projects with different Scala epoch, such as 2.11, 2.12, 2.13

Required version mapping is provided via scalor-maven-plugin configuration entries:


Usage example

Project Examples:

Command line invocation:

mvn clean install -P scalor

                   <!-- Disable default compiler. -->

                   <!-- Enable alternative compiler. -->

                           <!-- Compiler bridge. -->

                           <!-- Scala compiler. -->

                           <!-- Compiler plugins. -->


                                <!-- Subset of available. -->

                                    <!-- Setup Eclipse plugin. -->

                                    <!-- Transfer format settings. -->

                                    <!-- Manage test application. -->

                                    <!-- Manage presentation compiler. -->

                                    <!-- Add compilation sources. -->

                                    <!-- Compile sources. -->

                                    <!-- Link runtime JS script. -->

                                    <!-- Provide JS-VM environment for testing. -->




Build yourself


cd /tmp
git clone [email protected]:random-maven/scalor-maven-plugin.git
cd scalor-maven-plugin
./ clean install -B -P skip-test


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