WebRTC based video interview practice.
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6 years ago4apache-2.0TypeScript
Collaborative text editor (like Google Docs or CoderPad) with integrated semi-anonymizing voice chat intended to help reduce bias in technical communication.
6 years agoHTML
Responsive web application with simple messaging and webrtc video calling for organize interviews
2 years ago26apache-2.0JavaScript
App for online code interview
Interview Zone5
a year agon,ullJavaScript
An interview conducting platform
9 years agoJavaScript
WebRTC based video interview practice.
8 years agomitJavaScript
A Node.js web application for taking remote technical interviews. Code testing, Video etc.
7 years agoJavaScript
Hackerhire is a WebRTC based technical interviewing platform
2 years ago180mit
前端开发, 前端面试, 前端技术, NodeJs, React, Vuejs, Flutter, Typescript. 在线版本->
Agora Interviewer2
3 years ago3JavaScript
6 years ago3JavaScript
Symposio interview application.
Alternatives To Rambl
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An online community for improving job interview skills. Users can practice job interviews with one another using randomly presented common interview questions.

Rambl uses the WebRTC API, which is currently implemented in Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

Table of Contents

  1. Usage
  2. Requirements
  3. Development
    1. Installing Dependencies
    2. Tasks
  4. Contributing
  5. License


Login to your rambl instance. Signup for an account if you need to. Once you are logged in, you can join an available room or create a room. Invite someone in to participate.

One of you assume the role of the interviewer and one will assume the role of the candidate. Once you have deteremined which role you both will be, it is time to start the interview.

The interviewer may choose questions from the list of provided interview questions or may use his or her own questions.

Once you have conducted the interview, provide useful feedback for the other person. Feedback should be about the interview itself and should be objective in nature.


  • Node 0.10.x
  • Express 4.5.x
  • Easy RTC 1.0.11
  • Sequelize 1.7.9
  • MySQL
  • Socket.io 0.9.x


Installing Dependencies

From within the project's root directory:

npm install -g bower
npm install
bower install

Launching The App Locally

From within the project's root directory:

node server.js
# or
nodemon server.js

Open your browser at localhost:8080

To Make Changes

Edit your files Run gulp from the terminal Refresh your browser


See the project's backlog in asana.


See CONTRIBUTING.md for contribution guidelines.

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