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XeTeX CV template with a "1.5-column" layout (narrow left column for headings, wide right column for content), offering very simple and extensive customisation possibilities.


Example 1 (edit on Overleaf) Example 2
example-1 example-2


The most distinct style elements (fonts and colours) can be modified by editing a few lines, changing the look of the output significantly with minimal effort. However, since the template is short, extensively commented, and intentionally as unsophisticated as possible, it is not difficult to also customise pretty much anything else to your liking.


For an overview of how to use the template, see the two provided example CVs (both can be built just by running xelatex cv-example-X.tex). Afterwards, edit the template to create your own CV – while you could just edit one of the examples instead, the template contains additional instructions and hints.


The example CVs use resources from the following projects:

The layout in general is heavily inspired by the Europass CV template by European Union (but the template itself does not use any code from the above-mentioned europasscv package).


Resources from the projects listed above are licensed under the terms of their respective licences, the rest of the repository under the MIT licence.

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