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QML Box2D plugin

The goal of the qml-box2d plugin is to expose the functionality of Box2D (C++) as a QML plugin in order to make it easier to write physics based software in QML.

This plugin is meant to be installed to your Qt/imports directory, or shipped in a directory of which the parent is added as import path.


qmake make make install (goes to Qt's import path, run with sudo if necessary)

The 'make install' step will copy the qml-box2d Box2D plugin into your Qt installation. Example: If you have a Qt installation of: /Users/user/Qt5.10/5.10.0 the plugin will be in: /Users/user/Qt5.10/5.10.0/clang_64/qml/Box2D.2.0 This example is a Mac path, on other platforms you will see different paths and compilers.


You can run the examples launcher from a Terminal/Cmd prompt with: qmlscene examples/ui.qml

(You need to be in the root folder of qml-box2d.)


The standart plugin (dynamically linked) runs well on Mac, Window and Linux. The qml-box2d plugin can be linked statically to run on both iOS and Android.


For running you can use a "Custom Executable" configuration set to run "qmlscene" with the right parameters.

When you have write permissions to Qt's import path, it can be convenient to add a deployment step to your run settings:

  • Go to Projects -> box2d -> Run Settings
  • Choose Add Deploy Step -> Make
  • Enter "install" under "Make arguments"

This will make sure that before running, the version of the plugin is updated in Qt's import path.


(These screenshots have been done on an iPad Air)

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