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This repository contains a collection of small python games made by me using turtle, tkinter and pygame library.

All the Games are listed here

  • Aeroblasters

    Aeroblasters is a 2d plane shooter arcade game.

  • Angry Walls

    A simple hypercasual game made on pydroid3.

  • Arc Dash

    Arc Dash is a simple endless target based hypercasual arcade game.

  • Asteroids

    Asteroids is an implementaion of Asteroids game in pygame.

  • Bounce

    Bounce is an clone of the original Nokia's Bounce game

  • Car Dodge 2D

    A car dodge game made on pydroid3.

  • Cave Story

    A cave adventure based 2d platformer game made on pydroid3.

  • Connected

    Connected is a simple endless hypercasual game.

  • Dino

    Dino is an implementaion of chrome dino game but with cheatcodes.

  • Dodgy Walls

    Dodgy walls is a simple endless hypercasual arcade game.

  • Dots & Boxes

    Dots & Boxes is a simple dots and boxes game clone made with pygame.

  • Egg Catching Game

    Collect Eggs, score points. A simple game for pydroid3.

  • Flappy Bird

    An implementation of flappy bird on pydroid3.

  • GhostBusters

    GhostBusters is a scrollable platformer game with parallax.

  • HyperTile Dash

    HyperTile Dash is a simple target based endless hypercasual arcade game.

  • Jungle Dash

    Jungle Dash is a 2D platformer game made with pygame.

  • Memory Puzzle

    Memory Puzzle is a simple puzzle game based on fruits made with pygame.

  • MineSweeper

    MineSweeper game written using tkinter library.

  • Piano Tiles

    Piano Tiles musical game written using pygame library.

  • Picture Sliding Puzzle

    Picture Sliding Puzzle is an implementation of 15 puzzle in tkinter library.

  • Pong

    Pong game written using turtle module.

  • Qircle Rush

    Qircle Rush is a simple hypercasual game written using pygame library.

  • Rock Paper Scissor

    Rock Paper Scissor game written using tkinter library.

  • Rotate Dash

    Rotate Dash is a simple hypercasual game written using pygame library.

  • Tetris

    Tetris is a tetris clone made using python and pygame.

  • Tic Tac Toe

    Tic Tac Toe game written using tkinter library.

Games made on / for pyrdoid3

These games are specifically made and optimised for pydroid3

Tools & Utilities

  • SpriteSheet Cutter

    SpriteSheet Cutter is a tool to cut spritsheets.
    Link to project : SpriteSheet Cutter

  • Level Designer

    Level Designer is a tool to design levels for 2D non scrollable platformer games.
    Link to project : Level Designer

Game Resources

To get a complete list of free and awesome 2D game resources including Spritesheets, Sounds, Textures, HUDs, Menus and other game assets click here

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