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zathura - a document viewer

zathura is a highly customizable and functional document viewer based on the girara user interface library and several document libraries.


The following dependencies are required:

  • gtk3 (>= 3.22)
  • glib (>= 2.50)
  • girara (>= 0.3.2)

The following dependencies are optional:

  • sqlite3 (>= 3.6.23): splite3 database backend
  • libmagic from file(1): for mime-type detection
  • libsynctex from TeXLive (>= 1.19): SyncTeX support
  • libseccomp: sandbox support

For building zathura, the following dependencies are also required:

  • meson (>= 0.47)
  • gettext

The following dependencies are optional build-time only dependencies:

  • check: for tests
  • librvsg-bin: PNG icons
  • Sphinx: manpages and HTML documentation
  • doxygen: HTML documentation
  • breathe: for HTML documentation
  • sphinx_rtd_theme: for HTML documentation

Note that Sphinx is needed to build the manpages. If it is not installed, the man pages won't be built. For building the HTML documentation, doxygen, breathe and sphinx_rtd_theme are needed in addition to Sphinx.

If you don't want to build with support for sqlite databases, you can configure the build system with -Dsqlite=disabled and sqlite support won't be available.

The use of magic to detect mime types is optional and can be disabled by configuring the build system with -Dmagic=disabled.

The use of libseccomp to create a sandboxed environment is optional and can be disabled by configure the build system with -Dseccomp=disabled. The sandbox will by default be set to "normal" mode, which should not interfere with the normal operation of zathura. For strict sandbox mode set sandbox strict in zathurarc. Strict sandbox mode will reduce the available functionality of zathura and provide a read only document viewer.


To build and install zathura using meson's ninja backend:

meson build
cd build
ninja install

Note that the default backend for meson might vary based on the platform. Please refer to the meson documentation for platform specific dependencies.


Please report bugs at

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