A sound synthetizer, tracker and replayer, similar to AHX.
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Gbt Player252
6 months ago2mitC
A music player library for the PSG audio channels of the GB, GBC and GBA.
3 months ago9TypeScript
🎼 HTML5/WebAudio multi-track songwriting app with chord analysis support! --
3 months ago7gpl-3.0C++
A small MIDI sequencer DSL designed around vectors and euclidean rhythms
3 years ago22C++
A sound synthetizer, tracker and replayer, similar to AHX.
Slocum Tracker9
2 years agoJavaScript
JavaScript based tracker application that exports compositions into assembly code for Paul Slocums Sequencer Kit for Atari 2600
Original Music Organizer8
a month ago1C
Organize and Play Your Music Collection
Ytmusic Lib Tracker7
4 months ago1mitPython
Useful tools for youtube music. Exporting library to csv, tracking changes in library, summary of transfer from GPM
7 years agounlicensePython
Programs for playing and editing Adlib/YM3812/OPL2 chip music.
5 years agozlibC
Simple chiptune-ish synthesizer written in C.
2 years ago2otherPython
StepMania Score Tracker
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Sawteeth is a soft-synth (with tracker) for BeOS and Haiku, meant to either create cool synthsounds to use in cubase and such, or cute chip-tunes. It uses no samples but only generated waveforms.

Originally developed by Jonas and Arvid Norberg and released in 2000, it is now open-sourced under the MIT licence.

Sawteeth generates music files that take very little space and not much CPU time to replay. It is based around base oscillators, filters, envelopes, and clipping. The pattern editor allows you to reuse pieces of melody easily (including transposing them). The instruments and patterns can also be edited in real-time while the music is playing.

Sound Quality

The sound synthesis is of high quality with little aliasing noise, 44kHz and float precision. (some of the filters and definitely the clipping adds aliasing noise, so use them with care) The anti alias method is "infinite oversampling with boxfilter" Modulation rate is static for a song but can be anything between 0.673Hz and 44100Hz (lousy performance at high modrate)


I've been given all filter code by Stefan Hållén.

Arvid Norberg is doing big parts of the editor (close to all of the part editor and the instrumenteditor) and a lot of complaining on my bad oo design of the player :)

A big inspiration is Abyss's AHX tracker. A sawteeth song is pretty similar to a AHX song, in the future a AHX to sawteeth converter could be reality (sawteeth lacks some AHX features so it wouldn't be perfect).


  • Retro feel, all the way.
  • All your favourite waveforms : Saw, Square, Triangle, Noise, Sinus
  • Filter with many modes,
  • Clipping with many modes,
  • 'ADSR' for filter and amp
  • Fast synthesis

Working with Sawteeth

Compiling Sawteeth

You need cmake and make installed, as well as some version of gcc and the Haiku development header:

pkgman install gcc gcc_syslibs haiku_devel make cmake

Then you can build this way:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
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