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psd-tools is a Python package for working with Adobe Photoshop PSD files as described in specification_.

|pypi| |test| |docs|

.. _specification: .. _psd-tools:

.. |pypi| image:: :target: :alt: PyPI Version

.. |test| image:: :alt: Test

.. |docs| image:: :alt: Document Status :target:

.. _psd-tools:


Use pip to install the package::

pip install psd-tools

.. note::

In order to extract images from 32bit PSD files PIL/Pillow must be built
with LITTLECMS or LITTLECMS2 support.

Getting started

.. code-block:: python

from psd_tools import PSDImage

psd ='example.psd')

for layer in psd:
    layer_image = layer.composite()'%s.png' %

Check out the documentation_ for features and details.

.. _documentation:


See contributing_ page.

.. _contributing:

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