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This is a Python script to help add words from Kindle to Anki.


  • It can directly add words to Anki decks (using anki-connect ) or creates a anki-ready tsv file.
  • Asks for card back in the terminal (optional).
  • Adds words from both the Vocabulary Builder and your Notes (My Clippings.txt). Vocabulary builder holds all the words you look up in the dictionary on Kindle. Clippings are your highlights.
  • Last timestamp is written to ~/.kindle. During next import only new lookups are exported. One can manipulate value written to ~/.kindle to get only needed words from Kindle.
  • Retrieve translations, images and sounds from LinguaLeo (from


This uses anki-connect , so make sure Anki is up and running.

  • Import new words from vocabulary builder since last time, and asks for card back in the terminal. Words can be skipped (s) or you can quit at any words (q). --clipboad copies each word into clipboard so you can use it to look-up into any dictionary.
    $ ./ --vocab-db '/run/media/Kindle/system/Vocabulary/vocab.db' --deck words --clipboard
    Word: include
    Context: Your Kindle includes one or more dictionaries for each supported language.
    Enter card back:[q/s]
  • Import new words from clippings since last time Do not ask for card back (to edit later in Anki) when --ano-ask is provided
    $ ./ --clippings '/run/media/Kindle/documents/My Clippings.txt' --deck words --no-ask
  • I have not tested translation (code is from
  • You can see my out-dated post How I transfer my vocabs from my Kindle Paperwhite to Anki . Arguments have changed since then.


The scripts uses anki-connect . Make sure you have installed it.

Then install this script from AUR or:

  • Install Python 3
  • Clone this repo
  • Install requirements (pip install -r requirements.txt)


$ ./ --help

usage: [-h] [--vocab-db VOCAB_DB] [--clippings CLIPPINGS]
                      [--deck DECK] [--update-timestamp] [--no-ask]
                      [--clipboard] [-o OUT] [-m MEDIA_PATH] [--email EMAIL]
                      [--pwd PWD] [--max-length MAX_LENGTH] [--verbose]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --vocab-db VOCAB_DB   Path to Kindle vocab DB file (usually
                        "/system/vocabulary/vocab.db" on Kindle). Provide this
                        either this or --clippings
  --clippings CLIPPINGS
                        Path to clippings (usually "/documents/My
                        Clippings.txt" on Kindle)
  --deck DECK           Anki deck name
  --update-timestamp    Only update local timestamp to now and exit
  --no-ask              Do not ask for card back in the command line
  --clipboard           Copy each word to clipboard
  -o OUT, --out OUT     CSV output filename to import into Anki, if not
                        provided words are added to Anki using anki-connect
  -m MEDIA_PATH, --media-path MEDIA_PATH
                        Where to store media files (sounds/images) from
  --email EMAIL         LinguaLeo account email/login
  --pwd PWD             LinguaLeo account password
  --max-length MAX_LENGTH
                        Maximum length of words from clippings, to avoid
                        importing big sentences
  --verbose             Show debug messages

Automatic Sync

One can use udev rules to run this script automatically on Kindle connect. See–udev



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