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GEMMI can help if you work with:

  • macromolecular models (from mmCIF, PDB and mmJSON files),
  • refinement restraints (CIF files),
  • crystallographic reflections (from MTZ and SF-mmCIF files),
  • electron density maps (MRC/CCP4 files),
  • crystallographic symmetries,
  • or if you just read and write CIF/STAR files (where C=Crystallographic).

GEMMI is a header-only C++11 library accompanied by:

  • command-line tools,
  • Python bindings (CPython 2 and 3, PyPy),
  • Fortran 2003+ interface (in progress),
  • WebAssembly ports (see here and here),
  • and little data viz projects.


GEMMI is an open-source project of CCP4 and Global Phasing Ltd, two major providers of software for macromolecular crystallography.

License: MPLv2, or (at your option) LGPLv3. © 2017-2021 Global Phasing Ltd.

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