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Development of Nexus Framework has ended. Please read our annoucement issue for details and follow our migration guide to start using Nexus Schema. The old website can be found here.

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Code-First Type-Safe GraphQL Framework
Made with ♥️ by Prisma • Nexus Schema originally by Tim Griesser

Nexus is a Node.js TypeScript-focused code-first GraphQL framework. It has three complementary aspects that you interact with:

  1. An API for building your fully featured GraphQL API. All features include a focus on type-safety autocompletion and jsDoc.
  2. A CLI for supporting your daily workflows while working.
  3. A plugin system spaning API and CLI for rich end-to-end plugins that you can use (or write) to fill in your niche needs.

Nexus is young, but growing fast. Every two weeks a new release is cut.


npx nexus


Checkout our website


Repo / Package Overview

Repos & Packages Diagram


MIT License

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