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Primer CSS

The CSS implementation of GitHub's Primer Design System


⚠️ The documentation of this repo is not maintained anymore. Please raise any documentation-specific pull requests in

Our documentation site lives at You'll be able to find detailed documentation on getting started, all of the components, our theme, our principles, and more.


This repository is distributed with npm. After installing npm, you can install @primer/css with this command:

npm install --save @primer/css


The included source files are written in Sass using SCSS syntax. After installing with npm, you can add your project's node_modules directory to your Sass include paths (AKA load paths in Ruby), then import it like this:

@import "@primer/css/index.scss";

You can import individual Primer modules directly from the @primer/css package:

@import "@primer/css/core/index.scss";
@import "@primer/css/product/index.scss";
@import "@primer/css/marketing/index.scss";


See for development docs.

Releasing (for GitHub staff)

You can find docs about our release process in


MIT © GitHub

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