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GitHub App built with Probot that add an appropriate label depend on the PR's status.


I spent the time to know Pull requests status during team development. As a team bigger, time becomes more increased. At first it was used internally but I noticed most of people have same problem so I published it as Open Source ✨.


  1. Go to PRTriage App top page
  2. Click "+ Add to GitHub" button
  3. Choose a repository
  4. That's it ✨

Learn how to install it for GitHub Enterprise.

How it works

Only watching the most recent commit 👀:

  • Do nothing when the PR's title starts from WIP, [WIP] or WIP:.
  • Add the PR: draft lable when the draft PR is created.
  • Add the PR: unreviewed label when the PR does not have any reviews.
  • Add the PR: reviewed-changes-requested label when the PR has reviewed and got Change request event.
  • Add the PR: partially-approved label when PR has reviewd and got Approve from one of the reviewers.
  • Add the PR: review-approved label when the PR has reviewed and got Approve from everyone.
  • Add the PR: merged label when the PR has merged.

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Contributing Guide

Read our contributing guide to learn about our development process, how to propose bugfixes
and improvements, and how to build and test your changes to PRTriage.


PRTriage © Sam Yamashita. Released under the Apache 2.0
Authored and maintained by Sam Yamashita with help from contributors.

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