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PowerfulSeal injects failure into your Kubernetes clusters, so that you can detect problems as early as possible. It allows for writing scenarios describing complete chaos experiments.

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Embrace the inevitable failure. Embrace The Seal.


Please refer to the Powerfulseal documentation to learn how to use it.


  • works with Kubernetes, OpenStack, AWS, Azure, GCP and local machines
  • yaml policies describing complete chaos experiments
  • Prometheus and Datadog metrics collection
  • multiple modes for differnt use cases

Hello world!

Just to give you a taste, here's an example policy. It will kill a single pod, and then check that the service continues responding to HTTP probes, to verify its resiliency to one of its pods going down.

- name: Kill one pod in my namespace, make sure the service responds
  # kill a pod from `myapp` namespace
  - podAction:
        - namespace: myapp
        - randomSample:
            size: 1
        - kill:
            probability: 0.75
  # check my service continues working
  - probeHTTP:
          name: my-service
          namespace: myapp
      endpoint: /healthz

Assuming that's in policy.yml, you can run it like this:

powerfulseal autonomous --policy-file ./policy.yaml

Learn more


  • docker hub: docker pull powerfulseal/powerfulseal:3.1.1
  • pip: pip install powerfulseal

Read about the PowerfulSeal

Tools consuming PowerfulSeal


PowerfulSeal logo Copyright 2018 The Linux Foundation, and distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY-4.0) license.

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