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PostCSS plugin to rebase url(), inline or copy asset.
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PostCSS plugin to rebase, inline or copy on url().


$ npm install postcss postcss-url

Basic example - rebase

// dependencies
const fs = require("fs")
const postcss = require("postcss")
const url = require("postcss-url")

// css to be processed
const css = fs.readFileSync("input.css", "utf8")

// process css
const output = postcss()
    url: "rebase"
  .process(css, {
    from: "src/stylesheet/index.css",
    to: "dist/index.css"


.element {
    background: url('images/sprite.png');


.element {
    /* rebasing path by new destination */
    background: url('../src/stylesheet/images/sprite.png');


// postcss-url options
const options = {
    url: 'inline'

  .process(css, {
    from: "src/stylesheet/index.css",
    to: "dist/index.css"


.element {
    background: url('/images/sprite.png');
    filter: url('/images/circle.svg');


.element {
    /* inlined png as base64 */
    background: url('');
    /* inlined svg as encodeURIComponent */
    filter: url('data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg');


// postcss-url options
const options = {
    url: 'copy',
    // base path to search assets from
    basePath: path.resolve('node_modules/bootstrap'),
    // dir to copy assets
    assetsPath: 'img',
    // using hash names for assets (generates from asset content)
    useHash: true

  .process(css, {
    from: "src/stylesheet/index.css",
    to: "dist/index.css"


.element {
    background: url('/images/sprite.png');


.element {
    /* copy 'sprite.png' from 'node_modules/bootstrap/images/' to 'dist/img/' */
    /* and rename it by hash function */
    background: url('img/a2ds3kfu.png');

Multiple options

process first matched option by default. multi: true in custom will processing with other options

const options = [
    { filter: '**/assets/copy/*.png', url: 'copy', assetsPath: 'img', useHash: true },
    { filter: '**/assets/inline/*.svg', url: 'inline' },
    { filter: '**/assets/**/*.gif', url: 'rebase' },
    // using custom function to build url
    { filter: 'cdn/**/*', url: (asset) => `https://cdn.url/${asset.url}` }


Checkout tests for examples.

Options combinations

  • rebase - default
    • assetsPath - directory to copy assets (relative to to or absolute)
  • inline
    • basePath - path or array of paths to search assets (relative to from, or absolute)
    • encodeType - base64, encodeURI, encodeURIComponent
    • includeUriFragment - include the fragment identifer at the end of the URI
    • maxSize - file size in kbytes
    • fallback - copy, rebase or custom function for files > maxSize
    • ignoreFragmentWarning - do not warn when an SVG URL with a fragment is inlined
    • optimizeSvgEncode - reduce size of inlined svg (IE9+, Android 3+)
  • copy
    • basePath - path or array of paths to search assets (relative to from, or absolute)
    • assetsPath - directory to copy assets (relative to to or absolute)
    • useHash - use filehash(xxhash) for naming
    • hashOptions - options for hash function
  • custom {Function}
    • multi - processing with other options

Options list


rebase - (default)

Allow you to fix url() according to postcss to and/or from options (rebase to to first if available, otherwise from or process.cwd()).


Allow you to inline assets using base64 encoding. Can use postcss from option to find ressources.


Allow you to copy and rebase assets according to postcss to, assetsPath and from options (assetsPath is relative to the option to).

url: {Function}

Custom transform function. Takes following arguments:

  • asset
    • url - original url
    • pathname - url pathname (url without search or hash)
    • absolutePath - absolute path to asset
    • relativePath - current relative path to asset
    • search - search from url, ex. ?query=1 from ./image.png?query=1
    • hash - hash from url, ex. #spriteLink from ../asset.svg#spriteLink
  • dir
    • from - postcss option from
    • to - postcss option to
    • file - decl file path
  • options - postcss-url matched options
  • decl - related postcss declaration object
  • warn - wrapped function result.warn for current decl
  • result – postcss result object

And should return the transformed url. You can use this option to adjust urls for CDN.


Specify the maximum file size to inline (in kbytes)


(default: false)

Do not warn when an SVG URL with a fragment is inlined. PostCSS-URL does not support partial inlining. The entire SVG file will be inlined. By default a warning will be issued when this occurs.

NOTE: Only files less than the maximum size will be inlined.


A regular expression e.g. /\.svg$/, a minimatch string e.g. '**/*.svg' or a custom filter function to determine wether a file should be inlined.


The url fallback method to use if max size is exceeded or url contains a hash. Custom transform functions are supported.


(default: false)

Specifies whether the URL's fragment identifer value, if present, will be added to the inlined data URI.


Specify the base path or list of base paths where to search images from


(default: false)

If you specify an assetsPath, the assets files will be copied in that destination


(default: false)

If set to true the copy method is going to rename the path of the files by a hash name



(default: xxhash32)

Hash method xxhash32|xxhash64 or custom function (accept file buffer)


(default: 8)

Result hash shrink count


(default: false)

Prepend the original filename in resulting filename


Work on a branch, install dev-dependencies, respect coding style & run tests before submitting a bug fix or a feature.

$ git clone
$ git checkout -b patch-1
$ npm install
$ npm test



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