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Koa REST API Boilerplate

Koa REST API Boilerplate

Boilerplate for Node.js Koa RESTful API application with Docker, Swagger, Jest, CodeCov, and Circle CI

Koa REST API Boilerplate is a highly opinionated boilerplate template for building RESTful API application with Koa.

This boilerplate include the following features:

  • Logging to STDOUT/STDERR stream using Pino
  • A super small and optimized Docker image based on Node.js Alpine image
  • Swagger API documentation based on JSDoc
  • Continuous integration and delivery using CircleCI
  • Unit Test and Integration Test along with Test Coverage using Jest testing framework

Getting Started

$ git clone your-project-name
$ cd your-project-name
$ rm -rf .git && git init
$ yarn
$ yarn start



# Run normally
$ yarn start
# Run the application with nodemon for development
$ yarn dev


# Test
$ yarn test                           # Run all test
$ yarn test:unit                      # Run only unit test
$ yarn test:integration               # Run only integration test
# Test (Watch Mode for development)
$ yarn test:watch                     # Run all test with watch mode
$ yarn test⌚️unit                # Run only unit test with watch mode
$ yarn test⌚️integration         # Run only integration test with watch mode
# Test Coverage
$ yarn test:coverage                  # Calculate the coverage of all test
$ yarn test:coverage:unit             # Calculate the coverage of unit test
$ yarn test:coverage:integration      # Calculate the coverage of integration test
# Test consistent coding style (Lint)
$ yarn lint                           # Lint all sourcecode
$ yarn lint:app                       # Lint app sourcecode
$ yarn lint:test                      # Lint test sourcecode


$ yarn pack


All test for this boilerplate uses following tools.


This project follows the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct.

Bug Reports & Feature Requests

Please use the issue tracker to report any bugs or ask feature requests.

Self Promotion

Like this project? Please give it a ★ on GitHub! It helps this project a lot. And if you're feeling especially charitable, follow posquit0 on GitHub.

See Also

  • koa-logging - A middleware that logs request and response with Pino.
  • koa-request-id - A middleware that generates a unique Request ID for every incoming HTTP request.
  • koa-http-client - A middleware that attachs HTTP client to communicate with the context during inter-service communications.


Provided under the terms of the MIT License.

Copyright © 2017-2019, Byungjin Park.

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