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React Three Fiber, Nextjs, Tailwind and Styled-components starter
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React Three Fiber, Nextjs, Tailwind and Styled-components starter
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Find that one presentation you missed!
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:house_with_garden: My personal website written in Next.js
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Inspired by Nick Fury, whose primary job was to recruit avengers, spies and other cool people!
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🌈 The website of the 🚀 Fiber framework
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:books:【React学习资料+面试指南】 一份涵盖大部分React开发所需要掌握的核心知识。
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React Three Fiber, Nextjs, TypeScript
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🐸 Personal experiments with react-three-fiber
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🏯 React-Three-Next starter

A minimalist starter for NextJS, @react-three/fiber and Threejs.

  • TTL ~ 100ms
  • First load JS ~79kb
  • Lighthouse score of 100 (Performance, Accessibility, Best Practices, SEO)

This starter allows you to navigate seamlessly between pages with dynamic dom and/or canvas content without reloading or creating a new canvas every time. 3D components are usable anywhere in the dom. The events, dom, viewport, everything is synchronized!

Demo :


How to use


Tailwind is the default style. styled-components (styled) are also available.

yarn create r3f-app next my-app
# yarn create r3f-app <next> my-app <tailwind|styled>? -ts?

🛂 Typescript

For typescript add the parameter -ts or --typescript:

yarn create r3f-app next my-app -ts

🗻 Features

  • [x] GLSL imports
  • [x] Canvas is not getting unmounted while navigating between pages
  • [x] Canvas components usable in any div of the page
  • [x] Based on the App directory architecture
  • [x] PWA Support

🚄 Architecture

Thanks to tunnel-rat the starter can portal components between separate renderers. Anything rendered inside the <View/> component of the starter will be rendered in the 3D Context. For better performances it uses gl.scissor to cut the viewport into segments.

<div className='relative'>
  <View orbit className='relative sm:h-48 sm:w-full'>
    <Dog scale={2} />
    // Some 3D components will be rendered here

🎛 Available Scripts

  • yarn dev - Next dev
  • yarn analyze - Generate bundle-analyzer
  • yarn lint - Audit code quality
  • yarn build - Next build
  • yarn start - Next start


How to contribute :

git clone
&& cd react-three-next && yarn install

Maintainers :

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