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Bootstrap 4 Essential Training

This is the repository for my course Bootstrap 4 Essential Training. The full course is available on LinkedIn Learning

Bootstrap 4 Essential Training

Bootstrap—a front-end framework using HTML, CSS3, and jQuery—is designed to help developers quickly and easily build responsive, mobile-ready websites that are cross-browser compatible. An open-source framework, Bootstrap features a 12-column grid and components that are ready to use. In this course, Ray Villalobos helps you get started with Bootstrap by providing an overview of all of the goodies in this popular framework. Ray covers the installation options, and walks through the basic styles that normalize how your content is displayed on different platforms and browsers. He also explains how to use the flexbox grid system to build nearly any kind of layout you can dream up, use different classes to easily get around your project, work with interactive components like dropdowns and carousels, and more.


This repository has branches for each of the videos in the course. You can use the branch pop up menu in github to switch to a specific branch and take a look at the course at that stage. Or you can simply add /tree/BRANCH_NAME to the URL to go to the branch you want to peek at.


The branches are structured so that they correspond to the videos in the course. So, for example if I name a branch 02_03b then that branch corresponds to the second chapter and the third video in that chapter. The extra letter at the end of the name corresponds to the state of the branch. A b means that this is how the code looks at the beginning of the video, an e means that is how the code looked at the end of the video.

You may find additional branches that correspod to other states, so for example, you may see a t, which means this is a target branch. A target branch is something I use during development or updates of a course and it's for a branch that I'm working towards. For the purposes of taking a course, you may ignore any additional branches. The master branch usually has the state of the project as I'm working through it and the final state of the code when I finish the course.


If there are slides for this course, they will be available using the gh-pages branch. You can easily get to the slides by going to The slides were created using rayveal.js an opinionated version of the excellent reveal.js framework. Within these slides you can also read my notes for the project, just hit ctrl-m to get a menu with all of the slides for the project.


  1. Make sure you have these installed
  2. Clone this repository into your local machine using the terminal (mac) or Gitbash (PC) $ git clone CLONEURL
  3. CD to the folder cd FOLDERNAME
  4. Run $ npm install to install the project dependencies
  5. Run $ npm start to start live preview server

More Stuff

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