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Blue-green deployment with a database on Kubernetes Twitter

Detailed description can be found here: Blue-green deployment with a database on Kubernetes

Quick Start using Minikube

For Windows, all minikube and kubectl commands should be run in an Administrator CMD shell.

Install and start minikube

minikube start

Start the minikube dashboard

minikube dashboard

Consider doing this in another shell as it

Install Istio on the host machine and install in Minikube

Installation instructions for Istio are here.

istioctl install

Install Postgres in Minikube

kubectl create -f postgresql-deployment.yaml

Create a Liquibase container with environment information

See the Dockerfile for more details

docker build -t liquibase/bg-k8s-liquibase .

docker push liquibase/bg-k8s-liquibase

You will want to change this to match your Docker Hub username.

Create Liquibase Config Maps and Jobs

The config map is the Liquibase changelog.

kubectl create -f liquibase-cm-v1.yaml

The Job runs liquibase with the config map.

kubectl create -f liquibase-job-v1.yaml

Repeat for Version 2

kubectl create -f liquibase-cm-v2.yaml

kubectl create -f liquibase-job-v2.yaml

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