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Piccolo Admin provides a simple yet powerful admin interface on top of Piccolo tables - allowing you to easily add / edit / filter your data.


It was created at a design agency to serve the needs of customers who demand a high quality, beautiful admin interface for their websites. Our goal is to create a world class admin interface, akin to Wordpress or Django.

It's built using the latest technologies, with Vue JS on the front end, and a modern REST backend.

Try it

Try it online (username: piccolo, password: piccolo123).

Local Demo

To run a demo locally, using Python 3.7 or above:

pip install piccolo_admin

And then just launch localhost:8000 in your browser.

To see what happens behind the scenes, see piccolo_admin/

In a few lines of code we are able to:

  • Define our models
  • Setup a database
  • Create a REST API
  • Setup a web server and admin interface


Since the admin is an ASGI app, you can either run it standalone like in the demo, or integrate it with a larger ASGI app such as FastAPI and Starlette.

For example, using Starlette routes:

from piccolo_admin.endpoints import create_admin
from starlette.routing import Router, Route
import uvicorn

from my_project.tables import Director, Movie

# The `allowed_hosts` argument is required when running under HTTPS. It's used
# for additional CSRF defence.
admin = create_admin([Director, Movie], allowed_hosts=[''])

router = Router([
    Route(path="/", endpoint=Hello),
    Mount(path="/admin/", app=admin),

if __name__ == '__main__':

Full docs

Full documentation is available on Read the docs.

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