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The pibooth project provides a photobooth application out-of-the-box in pure Python for Raspberry Pi. Have a look to the wiki to discover some realizations from GitHub users, and don't hesitate to send us photos of your version.



  • Interface available in Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Norwegian and Spanish (customizable)
  • Capture from 1 to 4 photos and concatenate them in a final picture
  • Support all cameras compatible with gPhoto2, OpenCV and Raspberry Pi
  • Support for hardware buttons and lamps on Raspberry Pi GPIO
  • Fully driven from hardware buttons / keyboard / mouse / touchscreen
  • Auto-start at the Raspberry Pi startup
  • Animate captures from the last sequence during idle time
  • Store final pictures and the individual captures
  • Printing final pictures using CUPS server (printing queue indication)
  • Custom texts can be added on the final picture (customizable fonts, colors, alignments)
  • Custom background(s) and overlay(s) can be added on the final picture
  • All settings available in a configuration file (most common options in a graphical interface)
  • Highly customizable thanks to its plugin system, you can develop your own plugin




Here is a list of known plugins compatible with Pibooth

Pibooth organisation's plugin

Third-party plugins

Third-party plugins can be found on GitHub or on plugins on PyPI. Here is a short list:


An enormous thanks to to @andhey, @philipbarwi and @laurasees who sponsored us, it means a lot to us!

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