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Official i18next Phrase In-Context Editor Post Processor

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i18next Phrase In-Context Editor Post Processor is the official library for integrating Phrase In-Context-Editor with i18next.

📜 Documentation

To get started, have a look at the documentation. There you will find API docs, getting started guide, examples and much more!

❓ Questions, support

Please contact [email protected] and we can take more direct action toward finding a solution.

❗️ Issues

Please use GitHub issues to share the problem.

📝 Changelog

Detailed changes for each release are documented in the changelog.

🔨 Development

# install deps

# build dist files
yarn build

# serve examples at localhost:8080
cd examples/basic
yarn start

# lint & fix files
yarn lint
yarn lint.fix

# run all tests
yarn test
yarn test.coverage

# serve docs at localhost:8080/i18next-phrase-in-context-editor-post-processor/

📦 Releasing

Package is being released automatically with the use of Semantic Release Action. Just push a commit to the master and a new version will be released right away!

©️ License


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