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npm install

Running Local Server

npm start

This will start a local server in development mode. The server will generate all of the documentation to /out and watch for file changes. When a file is changed, BrowserSync will regenerate the file and refresh your browser.

Running markdownlint

Running markdownlint will return a list of syntax errors that should be fixed before deployment.

npm run lint



A running ruby environment is a must, along with a working gem command. Ensure you have the bundle command available by installing bundler, then also retrieve all test-running dependencies via bundle install:

gem install bundler
bundle install

Running Tests

The tests check the generated documentation, so ensure you are either running the local server or have manually generated the documentation via a npm run build before running the tests!

npm run test

Named Anchors

If you want to use in-page navigation you should use named anchors, and not the id property of html elements.

* [A link to a different place in the page](#different-place)

<a name="different-place" class="anchor"></a>

Directory Structure

 |__ assets/      # Assets that need to be rendered
 |   |
 |   |__ styles/  # Stylus files rendered to /out/styles/**/*.css
 |__ docs/        # Markdown documents rendered to /out/**/*.html
 |__ drafts/      # ???
 |__ layouts/     # Layouts and view templates
 |__ out/         # Outputted static website
 |__ public/      # Static assets copied to /out/**/*
 |__ scripts/     # ???
 |__ spec/        # Tests?
 |__ vendor/      # ???
 |__ docpad.json  # Configuration



Each commit to the master branch is deployed to


Each commit to the stage branch is deployed to

Commits to master do not need to be staged. Staging is intended to test work that may cause issues in production, in particular design focused changes. For this reason, the stage branch is mutable. Feel free to delete it or force push over its history.


Generator error from the "next" article returning a null object.

You may see an error such as :

error: Something went wrong while rendering: /Users/mwbrooks/Development/lib/phonegap-docs/docs/tutorials/optimize/index.html.pug
The error follows:

TypeError: /Users/mwbrooks/Development/lib/phonegap-docs/layouts/tutorialspage.html.pug:21
    19|       .prev &nbsp;
    20|     -if(
  > 21|       - var next = getCollection("html").findOne({}).toJSON();
    22|       a.page__navigation--next(href=next.url)!= "Next: "+next.title
    23|     -else
    24|       .prev &nbsp;

Cannot read property 'toJSON' of null

This is because you are linking directly to the HTML document instead of it's clean URL directory path. Our generator uses the Clean URL plugin, which transforms each file.html into file/index.html. The original file.html continues to exist but will redirect to file/index.html.

When referencing a file, you should reference path/to/file instead of path/to/file.html. Referencing the HTML document will generate the error above.

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