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In-browser secure peer-to-peer filetransfer in three simple steps:

  1. Select the file you want to send.
  2. Open the generated link on other PCs.
  3. Download over a direct, authenticated and end-to-end encrypted line.

Thus the file will only be available for download as long as the sender keeps his browser tab open.



  • [x] Data is sent directly peer-to-peer.
  • [x] Data is transferred using end-to-end encryption (due to WebRTC).
  • [x] The messages that are relayed by a server to initiate the p2p WebRTC connections are encrypted (to protect against IP leakages and man-in-the-middle attacks while initiating WebRTC).


A hosted instance of Peertransfer is available at

git clone
cd peertransfer
export NODE_ENV=production
npm install
npm start
# You can also set HUB_URLS to a comma separated list of `signalhub` URLs


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