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A Nintendo DS Loader for Ghidra (9.1.2 & 9.2)

NTRGhidra a Nintendo DS Loader for Ghidra


NTRGhidra is released under the Apache License 2.0.

Contributing & Support

  • Fork, modify and pull request to contribute, don't hesitate to open issues suggesting feautures, reporting bugs, asking for documentation or changes, etc :)
  • Support as well by starring the project.


See this listing


If you just want to install the loader into a existing Ghidra installation:

  1. Download the .zip from releases OR build the project.
  2. Put the .zip into the GHIDRA_INSTALL_DIR/Extensions/Ghidra folder
  3. In the initial window (not the Code Browser), open the File menu, and select Install Extensions. Click the small 'plus' icon in the top right of the window, and select the extension zip file downloaded. This should add an entry into the extensions list. Make sure it is checked and click OK. Step 1 Step 2
  4. Restart Ghidra.

Source and Build

NOTE: Current eclipse project extension debugging is not working after the update to Ghidra 9.2 with error: OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM warning: Archived non-system classes are disabled because the java.system.class.loader property is specified (value = "ghidra.GhidraClassLoader"). To use archived non-system classes, this property must not be set. Builds are working but must be tested manually. If you have a solution for this or a way to rebuild the project you are more than welcome to create a pull request!

Provided is an Eclipse project to debug and build the loader. You must have a Ghidra installation as well as the Ghidra Eclipse extension.

To export a build of the project in Eclipse select File > Export and then choose Ghidra > Ghidra Module Extension. You can then use a local Gradle installation or an online build.


  • Special thanks to gbatek for ds technical info
  • Thanks to Gericom for the original C# Header and ARM9 decompression code from EFE(Every File Explorer), as well as for testing.


For reference and tutorials about Ghidra loaders and how to write them, you may want to read:

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