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Configuration profiles for DNS over HTTPS and DNS over TLS. Check out the article for more info: and info about contributing a new profile.


DoH seems to work faster & better than DoT judging from the Google's article.

Starting from iOS 15.5, Wi-Fi captive portals in cafes, hotels, airports are exempted by Apple from eDNS rules; to simplify authentication. This is good news. There are still some other issues; we can't fix them, only Apple can:


Censorship=yes means the profile will not send true information about hostname=IP relation for some hosts.

Name Country Censorship Notes Install button
AdGuard Default 🇷🇺 Yes Operated by AdGuard (Filters ads, tracking & phishing) HTTPS, TLS
AdGuard Family 🇷🇺 Yes Operated by AdGuard (Filters Default + malware & adult content) HTTPS, TLS
AdGuard No Filter 🇷🇺 No Operated by AdGuard (Non-filtering) HTTPS, TLS
AliDNS 🇨🇳 Yes Operated by Alibaba in China HTTPS, TLS
Alekberg 🇳🇱 No Independent hoster in Netherlands HTTPS
BlahDNS CDN Filtered 🇺🇸 Yes Independent HTTPS
BlahDNS CDN Unfiltered 🇺🇸 No Independent HTTPS
BlahDNS Finland Adsblock 🇫🇮 Yes Independent HTTPS
BlahDNS Germany Adsblock 🇩🇪 Yes Independent HTTPS
BlahDNS Japan Adsblock 🇯🇵 Yes Independent HTTPS
BlahDNS Singapore Adsblock 🇸🇬 Yes Independent HTTPS
BlahDNS Swiss Adsblock 🇨🇭 Yes Independent TLS
Canadian Shield Private 🇨🇦 No Operated by the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) HTTPS, TLS
Canadian Shield Protected 🇨🇦 Yes Filters malware HTTPS, TLS
Canadian Shield Family 🇨🇦 Yes Filters malware & adult content HTTPS, TLS
Cloudflare 🇺🇸 No Operated by Cloudflare HTTPS, TLS
Cloudflare Malware 🇺🇸 Yes Filters malware HTTPS
Cloudflare Family 🇺🇸 Yes Filters malware & adult content HTTPS
DNSPod 🇨🇳 Yes Operated by DNSPod (Tencent) in China HTTPS, TLS
Google 🇺🇸 No Operated by Google HTTPS, TLS
OpenDNS 🇺🇸 No Operated by OpenDNS HTTPS
OpenDNS Family 🇺🇸 Yes Filters malware & adult content HTTPS
Quad9 🇨🇭 Yes Operated by CleanerDNS, Inc. Filters malware HTTPS, TLS
Quad9 With ECS 🇨🇭 Yes Operated by CleanerDNS, Inc. Filters malware HTTPS, TLS 🇸🇬 🇺🇸 Yes "Privacy-first DNS provider" from SG, hosted on Digital Ocean. Filters malware HTTPS, TLS


To make settings work across all apps in iOS & MacOS, you’ll need to install configuration profile. This profile would tell operating system to use DOH / DOT. Note: it’s not enough to simply set server IPs in System Preferences — you need to install a profile.

To install, simply open the file in GitHub by using Safari (other browsers will just download the file and won't ask for installation), and then click/tap on install button. The profile should download. On macOS, double click on the downloaded file to open it in settings, and approve instalation. On iOS, go to System Settings => General => Profile, select downloaded profile and tap the “Install” button.

Signed Profiles

In the signed folder, we have slightly outdated signed versions of the profiles in this repository. These profiles have been signed by @Candygoblen123 so that when you install the profiles, they will have a verified check box on the installation screen. It also ensures that these profiles have not been tampered with. However, since they were signed by a third party, they may lag behind their unsigned counterparts a little.

[comment]: <> (We recommend that you install a signed profile instead of an unsigned profile because it ensures that it was not modified while it was downloading.)

To verify resolver IPs and hostnames, compare mobileconfig files to their documentation URLs. Internal workings of the profiles are described on In order to verify signed mobileconfigs, you will need to download them to your computer and open them in a text editor, because signing profiles makes GitHub think that they are binary files.

Contributing a new profile

Profiles are basically text files. Copy an existing one and change its UUID, for example, by generating a new one online. Make sure you update README with new profile's info.

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