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abyss - Postprocess Hexrays Decompiler Output


Copy and abyss_filters to IDA plugins directory


Right-click within a decompiler view, pick a filter from the abyss context menu.

Per-filter default settings can be changed by editing the config file: "%APPDATA%/Hex-Rays/IDA Pro/plugins/abyss.cfg"


Experimental/WIP code, use at your own risk :)


Create a fresh Python module within "abyss_filters", make sure to inherit from the abyss_filter_t class (see

Re-running the plugin from the plugins menu or by pressing the Ctrl-Alt-R keycombo reloads all filters dynamically. This allows for development of filters without having to restart IDA.

Example filters (incomplete list) (assign variables names depending on context)

abyss lvars alias gif (identify signed operators)

abyss signedops gif (append additional info to variable names)

abyss lvars gif (colorize function names)

abyss func gif

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