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This repository is mainly open to those who are looking to make some PR for the Hacktoberfest event, and to get started with GitHub and the open-source world. In this repository, you can find the solutions (as source code) for the problems in HackerRank, Codechef or any other online platform

Why contribute to this repository

  • Beginner-friendly
  • Create your first Pull Request on GitHub
  • Start with any problem of your choice on HackerRank, Codechef etc
  • Chance of receiving a T-Shirt for participating in the Hacktoberfest

How to Contribute (Updated)

  • For contributions in this repository, please read first. (Please pull the changes from this repo if you have already forked the repository and are facing conflicts)
  • If you like the repository, please star it.

Learning Resources

Creating a pull request

Learn the Git basics


Name Country Programming Language Where to find you
(add all links to your profiles eg on Hackerrank, Codechef...)
Owais Ali
Pakistan JAVA
United States C++
Roopam Sharma
United States Python3
Cass Smith
Canada C
Advait Joshi
India C++
Archana Prabhu
India C++
Aman Sharma
India C#
Briana Baker
United States JavaScript
Carlos Gomez
Vaibhav Gulati
India C++
Jason Aiken
United States
Germany JavaScript
United States Java
Canada C++
Mohammad Sameer
India Java, C++
Anubhav Gupta
India Java,
Inzemam Ul-Haq
India C++
Norrapat Nimmanee
Thailand Java, Javascript, C#
Bertram Truong
Keshav Bansal
Advaya Andhare
India C++
Rohit Sharma
India C++
Shashwat Garg
India Python
Nicholas Chambers
United States C
Abhishek Mishra
India Java, C++
Abhishek Saxena
India Java, cpp
Avantika Bhatia
India Java
Ricardo Jacinto
Brazil PHP
Josh Buckland
United Kingdom
Shawn Chang
Singapore C++, Python
S. Liang
United States
Lithuania Clojure
H Shay
United States Java
Ouassim Ben Mosbah
Tunisia Javascript
Sachin Bajpai
India C
Kalana Wijethunga
Sri Lanka
India JavaScript
United States JavaScript
Sri Lanka Python
Switzerland Python
Canada Python
Lithuania Java
Ken Vader
United States Java
Dhiego Bersan
Nishita Dutta
India C++
Oskari Kotajärvi
Finland Java
India C#
india python,c++
China Java
Batislav R
Serbia C, Python, JavaScript
Fred C
United States JAVA
Will Estes
United States Java
Cecil John Tantay
United States Javascript
Ema Fazillah
Malaysia Java
Passawat Noraman
Thailand Javascript
Thiago Henrique
Brasil C++
Victor Hung
Sweden Java, Scala, Go
United States Java
Quinn Wright
United States Java
Lantz Warrick
United States Javascript
Rivka Klein
United States Java
Anh T Nguyen
Vietnam Java
Tiffany R
United States Python, Javascript
Deepanshu Sinha
India Python, Android, Java, Javascript
Jared Moser
United States C++, Javascript
Matei Oltean
France OCaml
Chaitanya Mattey
United States Python
Andreas Petridis
Greece Java
Lam Tran
United States Java
Nauman Chaudhary
Pakistan Python
Gourav Rusiya
India Java
Trushita Maurya
India Java


MIT Licence

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