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ESLint plugin for John Resig-style micro templating.

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It can be used in projects using Underscore.js and Lodash's template.

This plugin supports code checking for templates like the examples below.

<div id="<%= id %>" class="<%= (i % 2 == 1 ? ' even': '') %>">
  <div class="grid_1 alpha right">
    <img class="righted" src="<%= profile_image_url %>"/>
  <div class="grid_6 omega contents">
    <p><b><a href="/<%= from_user %>"><%= from_user %></a>:</b> <%= text %></p>
<% for ( var i = 0; i < users.length; i++ ) { %>
  <li><a href="<%= users[i].url %>"><%= users[i].name %></a></li>
<% } %>

Playground on the Web

output sample(on SublimeText):



  • Enable ESLint in Underscore.js and Lodash's templates.
  • You can find issues specific to template tags.
  • Improves readability of HTML templates.
  • For JavaScript templates, enable ESLint both inside and outside the template tag. (This is an experimental feature)
  • Partial supports for EJS.


npm install --save-dev eslint eslint-plugin-lodash-template


See documents.


Create .eslintrc.* file to configure rules. See also:

Example .eslintrc.js:

module.exports = {
  extends: [
    // add more generic rulesets here, such as:
    // 'eslint:recommended',
  rules: {
    // override/add rules settings here, such as:
    // 'lodash-template/no-warning-html-comments': 'error'


This plugin does special handling for the following rule warnings in the template.

Rule ID Process Description Another way this plugin supports
indent Disable warnings lodash-template/scriptlet-indent rule,
lodash-template/html-indent rule
strict Disable warnings --
no-empty Disable warnings --
max-statements-per-line Disable warnings --
padded-blocks Disable warnings --
no-implicit-globals Disable warnings --
no-multi-spaces Disable warnings lodash-template/no-multi-spaces-in-scriptlet rule,
lodash-template/no-multi-spaces-in-html-tag rule
no-unused-expressions Disable warnings within interpolate(<%=...%>) --
quotes Disable warnings if doublequote is set --
no-irregular-whitespace Disable warnings outside template tags lodash-template/no-irregular-whitespace rule


This plugin provides 6 predefined configs:

  • plugin:lodash-template/base - Settings and rules to enable correct ESLint parsing
  • plugin:lodash-template/best-practices - Above, plus rules to improve dev experience
  • plugin:lodash-template/recommended - Above, plus rules to improve code readability
  • plugin:lodash-template/recommended-with-html - Above, plus rules to improve code readability with HTML tamplate
  • plugin:lodash-template/recommended-with-script - plugin:lodash-template/recommended config, plus to enable ESLint parsing of JavaScript templates (This is an experimental feature)
  • plugin:lodash-template/all - All rules of this plugin are included


The --fix option on the command line automatically fixes problems reported by rules which have a wrench 馃敡 below.

Base Rules (Enabling Correct ESLint Parsing)

Enable this plugin using with:

  "extends": "plugin:lodash-template/base"
Rule ID Description
lodash-template/no-script-parsing-error disallow parsing errors in template

Best Practices (Improve Development Experience)

Enforce all the rules in this category with:

  "extends": "plugin:lodash-template/best-practices"
Rule ID Description
lodash-template/no-empty-template-tag disallow empty micro-template tag. (ex. 馃問 <% %>)
lodash-template/no-invalid-template-interpolation disallow other than expression in micro-template interpolation. (ex. 馃問 <%= if (test) { %>)
馃敡 lodash-template/no-semi-in-template-interpolation disallow the semicolon at the end of expression in micro template interpolation.(ex. 馃啑 <%= text %> 馃問 <%= text; %>)

Recommended (Improve Readability)

Enforce all the rules in this category and all the rules in Best Practices categories with:

  "extends": "plugin:lodash-template/recommended"
Rule ID Description
馃敡 lodash-template/no-irregular-whitespace disallow irregular whitespace outside the template tags.
馃敡 lodash-template/no-multi-spaces-in-scriptlet disallow multiple spaces in scriptlet. (ex. 馃問 <% if路路路(test)路路路{ %>)
馃敡 lodash-template/scriptlet-indent enforce consistent indentation to scriptlet in micro-template tag.
馃敡 lodash-template/template-tag-spacing enforce unified spacing in micro-template tag. (ex. 馃啑 <%= prop %>, 馃問 <%=prop%>)

Recommended with HTML template (Improve Readability with HTML template)

Enforce all the rules in this category and all the rules in Best Practices/Recommended categories with:

  "extends": "plugin:lodash-template/recommended-with-html"
Rule ID Description
馃敡 lodash-template/attribute-name-casing enforce HTML attribute name casing. (ex. 馃啑 <div foo-bar> 馃問 <div fooBar> <div FOO-BAR>)
馃敡 lodash-template/attribute-value-quote enforce quotes style of HTML attributes. (ex. 馃啑 <div class="abc"> 馃問 <div class='abc'> <div class=abc>)
馃敡 lodash-template/element-name-casing enforce HTML element name casing. (ex. 馃啑 <xxx-element> 馃問 <xxxElement> <DIV>)
馃敡 lodash-template/html-closing-bracket-newline require or disallow a line break before tag's closing brackets
馃敡 lodash-template/html-closing-bracket-spacing require or disallow a space before tag's closing brackets. (ex. 馃啑 <input> <input路/> 馃問 <input路> <input/>)
馃敡 lodash-template/html-comment-content-newline require or disallow a line break before and after HTML comment contents
馃敡 lodash-template/html-comment-spacing enforce unified spacing in HTML comment. (ex. 馃啑 <!-- comment -->, 馃問 <!--comment-->)
馃敡 lodash-template/html-content-newline require or disallow a line break before and after HTML contents
馃敡 lodash-template/html-indent enforce consistent HTML indentation.
馃敡 lodash-template/max-attributes-per-line enforce the maximum number of HTML attributes per line
lodash-template/no-duplicate-attributes disallow duplication of HTML attributes. (ex. 馃問 <div foo foo>)
lodash-template/no-html-comments disallow HTML comments. (ex. 馃問 <!-- comment -->)
馃敡 lodash-template/no-multi-spaces-in-html-tag disallow multiple spaces in HTML tags. (ex. 馃問 <input路路路type="text">)
馃敡 lodash-template/no-space-attribute-equal-sign disallow spacing around equal signs in attribute. (ex. 馃啑 <div class="item"> 馃問 <div class = "item">)
lodash-template/no-warning-html-comments disallow specified warning terms in HTML comments. (ex. 馃問 <!-- TODO:task -->)


Rule ID Description
lodash-template/no-template-tag-in-start-tag disallow template tag in start tag outside attribute values. (ex. 馃問 <input <%= 'disabled' %> >)
lodash-template/prefer-escape-template-interpolations prefer escape micro-template interpolations. (ex. 馃啑 <%- ... %>, 馃問 <%= ... %>)


  • 鈿狅笍 We're going to remove deprecated rules in the next major release. Please migrate to successor/new rules.
  • 馃槆 We don't fix bugs which are in deprecated rules since we don't have enough resources.
Rule ID Replaced by
lodash-template/no-multi-spaces-in-script lodash-template/no-multi-spaces-in-scriptlet
lodash-template/plugin-option (no replacement)
lodash-template/script-indent lodash-template/scriptlet-indent

Plugin Option

Suppress no-undef warnings in the template tag

Please set the global variable used in all templates as follows.


      "settings": {
+         "lodash-template/globals": ["variableName"]

"html/html-extensions": [".html", ".we"],

Please write the global comment in the file as follows for the variable to be used with a specific template.

+ <% /* global users */ %>
  <% for ( var i = 0; i < users.length; i++ ) { %>
    <li><a href="<%= users[i].url %>"><%= users[i].name %></a></li>
  <% } %>

Suppress reports for specific rules in template files

Please set as follows.


      "settings": {
+         "lodash-template/ignoreRules": ["no-undef", "no-tabs"]

The ESLint standard suppression method can also be used by using template tag, as follows.

+ <% /* eslint no-ternary: 0 */ %>

Customize parser

For example, if you set Lodash templateSettings as follows,

_.templateSettings = {
    evaluate:    /{{([\s\S]+?)}}/g,
    interpolate: /{{=([\s\S]+?)}}/g,
    escape:      /{{-([\s\S]+?)}}/g

please set parserOptions(ex. .eslintrc.*) as follows.

      parserOptions: {
+         templateSettings: {
+             evaluate:    ["{{", "}}"],
+             interpolate: ["{{=", "}}"],
+             escape:      ["{{-", "}}"],
+         },

For example, to parse like EJS, set as follows,

(If plugin:lodash-template/*** is set in extends, it is automatically applied to the extension .ejs.)

      parserOptions: {
+         templateSettings: {
+             evaluate:    [ ["<%", "<%_"], ["%>", "-%>", "_%>"] ],
+             interpolate: [  "<%-",        ["%>", "-%>", "_%>"] ],
+             escape:      [  "<%=",        ["%>", "-%>", "_%>"] ],
+             comment:     [  "<%#",        ["%>", "-%>", "_%>"] ],
+             literal:     [  "<%%" ],
+         },

(This plugin do not provide complete support for EJS. e.g. the include directive.)

Customize target extentions

Please set .eslintrc.* as follows.

(For example, for EJS.)

+    "overrides": [
+        {
+            "files": ["*.ejs"],
+            "processor": "lodash-template/html"
+        }
+    ]

For JavaScript Templates

(This is an experimental feature)

For example if you have a file like below.

/* eslint no-multi-spaces: error */
<% /* eslint lodash-template/no-multi-spaces-in-scriptlet: error */ %>

// if this plugin is not used, a parsing error will occur.
const obj    = <%= JSON.stringify(options     ) %>
//       ^^^^                          ^^^^^ 
//         |                            |
//         |          If you don't use `"plugin:lodash-template/recommended-with-script"`,
//         |          only the space after `options` is reported.
//         |
//         + When using `"plugin:lodash-template/recommended-with-script"`, the space after `obj` is also reported.

Playground on the Web


Please set .eslintrc.* as follows.

+    "overrides": [
+        {
+            "files": ["**/your/templates/*.js"],
+            "extends": ["plugin:lodash-template/recommended-with-script"]
+        }
+    ]

If you do not want to use the included rules, set the details as follows.

    "overrides": [
            "files": ["**/your/templates/*.js"],
-            "extends": ["plugin:lodash-template/recommended-with-script"],
+            "extends": ["plugin:lodash-template/base"],
+            "processor": "lodash-template/script",
+            "rules": {
+                "lodash-template/no-invalid-template-interpolation": "error"
+                ...
+            }


Editor Settings with HTML templates

About how to mark warnings on editor.

  • VSCode (VS Code ESLint extension)


        "eslint.validate": [ "javascript", "javascriptreact", "html" ]
  • Sublime Text3 (SublimeLinter-eslint)

    [Preference] > [Package Settings] > [SublimeLinter] > [Settings]

    // SublimeLinter Settings - User
        "linters": {
            "eslint": {
                "selector": "text.html, source.js - meta.attribute-with-value"



Welcome contributing!

Please use GitHub's Issues/PRs.


Information provided by parserServices on this plugin

Development Tools

  • npm test runs tests and measures coverage.
  • npm run update runs in order to update readme and recommended configuration.


See the LICENSE file for license rights and limitations (MIT).

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