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A browser bookmark manager optimized for capture and retrieval speed.

  • Extract page title and url into a short markdown snippet.
  • One-click to insert the snippet to hosted on GitHub.
  • Add new tags or reuse the ones from previous snippets.
  • Instant search from snippets with the "find on page" utility built into browsers.



My memo since 2018 image

Get started


Connect to GitHub

  • When you active the extension from browser toolbar for the 1st time, click the button to connect to GitHub.
  • Provide your GitHub username and repo.
    • If you don't have a repo yet, it's easiest to create from the template.
    • You can set the visibility of your repo to either Public or Private. The extension works in both cases.
  • Create a new personal access token for the extension to add content on behalf of you. Make sure you select the repo scope.
  • Use as the storage filename. Other filenames work too but GitHub will not automatically render it as the home page for your repo.
  • Click Connect and make sure you get a success message.
  • Now navigate to any page and re-open the extension. You will be able to save new content.


My current focus is to bring the entire osmos::craft project online. Until then, I have no bandwidth for new feature requests or PRs. However, issues and bug reports are always welcome. I'll keep track of issues and address them once I have more time. Thank your for being patient.


How to open the extension with keyboard shortcut?

By the default, Alt+Shift+D opens the extension. You can customize it with browser extensions settings.

  • Chrome: visit chrome://extensions/shortcuts
  • Edge: visit edge://extensions/shortcuts
  • Firefox: visit about:addons as shown in this video.


osmos::memo is part of the osmos::craft ecosystem. If you enjoy this tool, you might also like:

  • osmos::feed: A web-based RSS reader running entirely from your GitHub repo.
  • osmos::note: A web-based text editor for networked note-taking, self-hostable on any Git repository.

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