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A curated list of everything OpenStreetMap.

Table of Contents


  • iD The easy-to-use browser editor.
  • JOSM An extensible desktop editor.

Web Apps

Public APIs

  • overpass The Overpass API is a read-only API that serves up custom selected parts of the OSM map data.
  • osm.mazdermind Maps Timestamp to replicate sequences.
  • planet.osm Dumnps minutely/weekly/yearly/full of osm data.
  • bbbike Allows extracting of areas from planet.osm.



  • libosmium Fast and flexible C++ library for working with OpenStreetMap data.
  • OSRM A routing engine.


  • iD The easy-to-use OpenStreetMap editor in JavaScript.
  • node-osmium Node wrapper for libosmium.
  • changeset-map Visualise a changeset


  • overpass-wrapper A wrapper around the OpenStreetMap Overpass API.
  • osmapi Python wrapper for the OpenStreetMap API
  • osmcha Python package to detect suspicious OSM changesets
  • osmnx visualize street networks
  • OpenMapTiles Set of tool for self-hosted vector maps and map services with labels in more than 50 languages.
  • OSMNames Geocoding tool ranking places according to the corresponding Wikipedia page popularity


  • OpenTripPlanner An open source multi-modal trip planner
  • JOSM An extensible dekstop editor.
  • GraphHopper An open source route planning library and server using OpenStreetMap.


  • Terrain Classic World-wide CartoCSS port of Stamen's classic terrain style.



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