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OpenStack tenant migration tools
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6 days ago3otherPython
Cloud Migration as a Service
Os Migrate43
6 days ago15apache-2.0Python
OpenStack tenant migration tools
2 years agoapache-2.0Go
Clone OpenStack entities easily
Benchmarking_live Migration5
6 years agoapache-2.0Python
6 years agoapache-2.0Python
Openstack workload migration tool
4 years ago1apache-2.0Python
Utility for copying one OpenStack environment to the other.
7 years agoPython
Openstack migration tool from one cloud to another
Openstack Sandbox2
5 years agoPython
Exploration for conversion of CANFAR services to OpenStack
Openstack Neat Ceilometer2
8 years agoapache-2.0Python
"A unified framework for resources monitoring and virtual machines migration in OpenStack". Master's Thesis.
Os Livemigration1
11 years agoShell
Enables Live-Migration on OpenStack Controller & Compute nodes
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OS Migrate
OS Migrate

OpenStack tenant migration tooling - an Ansible collection.

OS Migrate is an open source toolbox for parallel cloud migration between OpenStack clouds. Parallel cloud migration is a way to modernize an OpenStack deployment. Instead of upgrading an OpenStack cluster in place, a second OpenStack cluster is deployed alongside, and tenant content is migrated from the original cluster to the new one. As hardware resources free up in the original cluster, they can be gradually added to the new cluster.

OS Migrate provides a framework for exporting and importing resources between two clouds. It's a collection of Ansible playbooks that provide the basic functionality, but may not fit each use case out of the box. You can craft custom playbooks using the OS Migrate collection pieces (roles and modules) as building blocks.

OS Migrate strictly uses the official OpenStack API and does not utilize direct database access or other methods to export or import data. The Ansible playbooks contained in OS Migrate are idempotent. If a command fails, you can retry with the same command.


Refer to the official documentation website for usage docs.

Reporting issues

Please report any issues into the GitHub issue tracker.

Getting help

Feel free to create a GitHub issue with your question.

For a more interactive chat, join the Matrix room #os-migrate:matrix.org.


See the OS Migrate developer documentation.

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