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MMSkeleton is an open source toolbox for skeleton-based human understanding. It is a part of the open-mmlab project in the charge of Multimedia Laboratory, CUHK. MMSkeleton is developed on our research project ST-GCN.


  • [2020-01-21] MMSkeleton v0.7 is released.
  • [2019-10-09] MMSkeleton v0.6 is released.
  • [2019-10-08] Support model zoo.
  • [2019-10-02] Support custom dataset.
  • [2019-09-23] Add video-based pose estimation demo.
  • [2019-08-29] MMSkeleton v0.5 is released.


Getting Started

Please see for more details of MMSkeleton.


The project is release under the Apache 2.0 license.


We appreciate all contributions to improve MMSkeleton. Please refer to for the contributing guideline.


Please cite the following paper if you use this repository in your reseach.

  author =       {Sijie Yan, Yuanjun Xiong, Jingbo Wang, Dahua Lin},
  title =        {MMSkeleton},
  howpublished = {\url{}},
  year =         {2019}


For any question, feel free to contact

Sijie Yan     : [email protected]
Jingbo Wang   : [email protected]
Yuanjun Xiong : [email protected]

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