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A curated list of awesome CMake resources, scripts, modules and examples.
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📚 Curated list of articles, tutorials and repos that may help you dig a little bit deeper into iOS [and Apple Platforms].
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The purpose of this project is to share knowledge on how awesome Streamlit is and can be
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  • SwiftUI Weekly - The curated collection of links about SwiftUI. Delivered every Monday
  • iOS Dev Weekly - Curated by Dave Verwer and published every Friday
  • iOS Goodies - weekly iOS newsletter curated by Marius Constantinescu


  • Thinking in SwiftUI - It is not a reference for SwiftUIs platform-specific APIs, but rather a guide to honing your intuition about how SwiftUI works.
  • SwiftUI by Tutorials - Build fluid and engaging declarative UI for your apps with way less coding with SwiftUI! SwiftUI by Tutorials
  • Mastering SwiftUI by AppCoda - We will dive deep into the SwiftUI framework, teaching you how to work with various UI elements, and build different types of UIs


  • SwiftUI for iOS 14 - Build a multi-platform app from scratch using the new techniques in iOS 14. We'll use the Sidebar and Lazy Grids to make the layout adaptive for iOS, iPadOS, macOS Big Sur
  • SwiftUI Handbook - A comprehensive series of tutorials covering Xcode, SwiftUI and all the layout and development techniques
  • SwiftUI Layout explained - We decided to go one step further, and reimplement SwiftUIs layout system, along with the layout behavior of many built-in views


  • 100 days of SwiftUI - Free collection of videos, tutorials, tests, and more, all drawn from around the work on Hacking with Swift
  • About-SwiftUI - Gathering all info published, both by Apple and by others, about new framework SwiftUI.
  • SwiftUI - Examples projects using SwiftUI released by WWDC2019. Include Layout, UI, Animations, Gestures, Draw and Data.
  • SwiftUI-Cheat-Sheet - SwiftUI 2.0 Cheat Sheet
  • F* SwiftUI - A curated list of questions and answers about SwiftUI.
  • The SwiftUI Lab - Advanced insights into SwiftUI
  • Netsplit SwiftUI
  • SwiftUI by examples - SwiftUI by Example is the world's largest collection of SwiftUI examples, tips, and techniques giving you over 400 pages of hands-on code
  • A Companion for SwiftUI - A Companion for SwiftUI is an app that documents all the SwiftUI views, shapes, protocols, scenes and property wrappers for the iOS and macOS platform.
  • SwiftUI-Kit - A SwiftUI system components and interactions demo app
  • CodeSlicing - Create things in SwiftUI





Life cycle





  • SwiftUIX - An extension to the standard SwiftUI library.
  • EasySwiftUI - Extra sugar for SwiftUI
  • SwiftUIKitView - Easily use UIKit views in your SwiftUI applications. Create Xcode Previews for UIView elements
  • PureSwiftUI - Bringing Views into Focus


  • SDWebImageSwiftUI - About SwiftUI Image loading and Animation framework powered by SDWebImage
  • FetchImage - Makes it easy to download images using Nuke and display them in SwiftUI apps
  • Kingfisher - A lightweight, pure-Swift library for downloading and caching images from the web.



  • ViewInspector - Runtime inspection and unit testing of SwiftUI views
  • SwiftUI-Introspect - About Introspect underlying UIKit components from SwiftUI
  • Dynamic - Call hidden/private API in style! The Swift way.

Property wrappers

  • Burritos - A collection of Swift Property Wrappers




  • FloatingButton - Easily customizable floating button menu created with SwiftUI



  • ChartView - ChartView made in SwiftUI
  • SwiftUICharts - A simple line and bar charting library that supports accessibility written using SwiftUI.
  • SwiftSunburstDiagram - SwiftUI library to easily render diagrams given a tree of objects. Similar to ring chart, sunburst chart, multilevel pie chart.
  • swiftui-charts - SwiftUI Charts with custom styles
  • BarChart - SwiftUI Bar Chart
  • GraphKit - Graphing library for SwiftUI
  • LightChart SwiftUI charts


  • DynamicColor - Yet another extension to manipulate colors easily in Swift and SwiftUI





  • Snap - A customizable Snapping Drawer la Apple Maps
  • swiftui-drawer - A SwiftUI bottom-up controller, like in the Maps app. Drag to expand or minimize.



  • Grid - The most powerful Grid container missed in SwiftUI
  • QGrid - QGrid: The missing SwiftUI collection view
  • WaterfallGrid - A waterfall grid layout view for SwiftUI
  • swiftui-grid - SwiftUI Grid layout with custom style
  • ASCollectionView - A SwiftUI collection view with support for custom layouts, preloading, and more



  • StepperView - SwiftUI iOS component for Step Indications.


  • KeyboardShortcuts - Add user-customizable global keyboard shortcuts to your macOS app in minutes




  • Pages - A lightweight, paging view solution for SwiftUI
  • LiquidSwipeexyte/LiquidSwipe) - Example of using SwiftUI to create a beautiful Liquid Swipe control
  • PageView - SwiftUI view enabling navigation between pages of content


Pull to refresh


  • swiftui-sliders - SwiftUI Sliders with custom styles
  • Sliders-SwiftUI - Collection of unique fully customizable SwiftUI sliders, joysticks, trackpads and more!



  • SSToastMessage - It will add toast, alert, and floating message view over the top of any view.
  • ToastUI - A simple way to show toast in SwiftUI.
  • AlertToast - Present Apple-like alert & toast in SwiftUI


  • liquid Create a playful backsplash in SwiftUI.


  • SwiftUIWindowStyles - Showcase of window and toolbar style combinations possible with SwiftUI on macOS.


  • MGFlipView - MGFlipView allows to create flipping view in easy way without worrying about flipping animation and flipping logic.
  • LiquidSwipe - Example of using SwiftUI to create a beautiful Liquid Swipe control
  • neumorphic - Neumorphic is a SwiftUI utility to build Neumorphism Soft UI
  • SwiftUI-Shapes - Commonly Used Shapes and Utilities In SwiftUI
  • SwiftUI-Hook - A SwiftUI implementation of React Hooks. Enhances reusability of stateful logic and gives state and lifecycle to function view.
  • ParticleDrivers - ParticleDrivers is a SwiftUI project that simulates particles forming structures on command
  • liquid - Create a playful backsplash in SwiftUI
  • shiny - Shiny uses your gyroscope to simulate lighting and motion effects on colors. Works on almost every SwiftUI View.

Open source apps



  • RedditOS - SwiftUI Reddit client for macOS Big Sur
  • ControlRoom - A macOS app to control the Xcode Simulator
  • AppShot - App Store screen shot generator
  • 5 GUIs - Detect the GUI technology used in an app
  • Pasteboard Viewer - View what's on the pasteboard
  • pika - An open-source colour picker app for macOS
  • nuage - A native SoundCloud app for macOS, written in SwiftUI
  • writefreely - Source code for the WriteFreely SwiftUI app for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS
  • Privacy Redirect for Safari - Redirect Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, Google Maps, Google Search, and Google Translate to privacy friendly alternatives.

MultiPlatform Applications

  • DEV - SwiftUI + Composable Architecture multiplatform app for website.
  • StackOv - An open-source SwiftUI Stack Overflow client
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