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OMNeT++ is a public-source, component-based, modular and open-architecture
simulation environment with strong GUI support and an embeddable simulation
kernel. Its primary application area is the simulation of communication
networks, but it has been successfully used in other areas like the simulation
of IT systems, queueing networks, hardware architectures and business processes
as well.

If you installed and successfully compiled the source distribution, the omnetpp
directory on your system should contain the following subdirectories.
(If you installed a precompiled distribution, some of the directories may be missing,
or there might be additional directories, e.g. containing software bundled with OMNeT++.)

The simulation system itself:

  omnetpp/         OMNeT++ root directory
    bin/           OMNeT++ executables (opp_run, nedtool, scavetool, etc.)
    include/       header files for simulation models
    lib/           library files
    images/        icons that can be used in network graphics
    doc/           simulation manual (PDF), readme, license, etc.
      manual/      Simulation Manual in HTML
      ide-customization-guide/ HTML version of IDE Customization Guide
      ide-developersguide/ HTML version of IDE Developers Guide
      api/         API reference in HTML
      nedxml-api/  API reference for the NEDXML library
      parsim-api/  API reference for the parallel simulation support
      tictoc-tutorial/  introduction into using OMNeT++
    src/           OMNeT++ sources
      sim/         simulation kernel
        parsim/    files for distributed execution
        netbuilder/files for dynamically reading NED files
      envir/       common code for runtime user interfaces
      cmdenv/      command-line runtime user interface
      qtenv/       Qt-based graphical runtime user interface
      nedxml/      nedtool, message compiler, NED infrastructure
      layout/      graph layouting library
      scave/       library for processing result files
      eventlog/    library for processing event log files
      common/      common utility classes
      utils/       makefile generator and various utilities
    ide/           the OMNeT++ Integrated Development Environment
    misc/          various 3rd party contributions
    test/          regression test suite
      core/        regression test suite for the simulation library
    tools/         3rd party tools and libraries bundled with OMNeT++
      win64/       on Windows, contains MSYS tools and the MinGW-W64 toolchain
      macosx/      on macOS, contains various 3rd party libraries (e.g. OSG, osgEarth, Qt)

Sample simulations are in the samples directory.

    samples/     directories for sample simulations
      aloha/     models the Aloha protocol
      cqn/       Closed Queueing Network

The example simulations

The example simulations are designed to demonstrate many of the features of OMNeT++. We recommend that you try tictoc first, which also has an accompanying tutorial under doc/.


Please see the Install Guide, doc/InstallGuide.pdf for specific instructions
for various operating systems, and to read about dependencies, optional
packages and build options.

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