Keep A Changelog

If you build software, keep a changelog.
Alternatives To Keep A Changelog
Project NameStarsDownloadsRepos Using ThisPackages Using ThisMost Recent CommitTotal ReleasesLatest ReleaseOpen IssuesLicenseLanguage
Git Extras16,486
4 days ago1February 27, 2018109mitShell
GIT utilities -- repo summary, repl, changelog population, author commit percentages and more
Cz Cli15,81313,21919,00923 days ago81January 19, 2023188mitJavaScript
The commitizen command line utility. #BlackLivesMatter
Standard Version7,37115,65720,03012 days ago42May 15, 2022306iscJavaScript
:trophy: Automate versioning and CHANGELOG generation, with and
Conventional Changelog7,3519,8987,486a day ago66September 08, 2023246iscJavaScript
Generate changelogs and release notes from a project's commit messages and metadata.
Release It7,0904,81614,4409 days ago384November 11, 202323mitJavaScript
🚀 Automate versioning and package publishing
Posh Git7,021
34 months ago2January 01, 190088mitPowerShell
A PowerShell environment for Git
Git Cliff6,32112a day ago9October 29, 202332apache-2.0Rust
A highly customizable Changelog Generator that follows Conventional Commit specifications ⛰️
Git Quick Stats5,955
10 days ago1February 27, 201817mitShell
▁▅▆▃▅ Git quick statistics is a simple and efficient way to access various statistics in git repository.
Keep A Changelog5,817
a day ago34mitHaml
If you build software, keep a changelog.
Git Chglog2,546111512 days ago39February 15, 202399mitGo
CHANGELOG generator implemented in Go (Golang).
Alternatives To Keep A Changelog
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Keep a Changelog

Keep a Changelog v1.1.0 badge Version 1.1.0 Badge MIT License Badge

Dont let your friends dump git logs into changelogs

This repository generates




  • git clone
  • cd keep-a-changelog
  • bundle install
  • bin/rake serve starts a local development server at http://localhost:4567 which will reload with any local file changes
  • bin/rake build runs middleman build with --verbose flag so build errors are logged for easier debugging


  • bin/rake clean can clean a corrupted build/ directory in case publish failed
  • bin/rake publish builds and pushes to the gh-pages branch on GitHub so the site is deployed to


Create a new directory in source/ named after the ISO 639-1 code for the language you wish to translate Keep a Changelog to. For example, assuming you want to translate to French Canadian:

  • create the source/fr-CA directory.
  • duplicate the source/en/1.0.0/index.html.haml file in source/fr-CA.
  • edit source/fr-CA/1.0.0/index.html.haml until your translation is ready.
  • commit your changes to your own fork
  • submit a Pull Request with your changes

It may take some time to review your submitted Pull Request. Try to involve a few native speakers of the language you're translating to in the Pull Request comments. They'll help review your translation for simple mistakes and give us a better idea of whether your translation is accurate.


Please do contribute! Issues and pull requests are welcome.

Thank you for your help improving software one changelog at a time!

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