Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source


git clone oibind/dotfiles && cd dotfiles && ./install

Packages I use

package name what it do
awesome tiling window manager based on dwm
nvim text editor (new hipster version of vim)
fish friendly interactive shell
st terminal emulator
dmenu dynamic menu and application launcher
yay AUR support
sxiv lightweight image viewer
lf terminal based file manager
fzf command-line fuzzy finder
ag better version of ack
ripgrep grep but faster
exa colourful replacement for ls
firefox web browser
slock screen locker from the 90s
xlogin autologin with systemd
dockd thinkpad dock management

The all important obligatory screenshot

desktop rice

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Shell (171,489
Dotfiles (10,802
Neovim (4,050
Tmux (3,882
Vimrc (2,252
Nvim (1,484
Fzf (971
Ripgrep (270
Gitconfig (184