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Blender in Docker

A collection of Docker containers for running Blender headless or distributed ✨

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Getting started

The images in this repository are autogenerated by running the script. The script uses manifest.json image definitions to define different versions and capabilities. To quickly get started with using the images head over to our wiki page.

Docker tags

  • nytimes/blender:latest - Latest GPU image with latest Blender version


  • nytimes/blender:3.0-cpu-ubuntu18.04
  • nytimes/blender:3.0-gpu-ubuntu18.04


  • nytimes/blender:2.93-cpu-ubuntu18.04
  • nytimes/blender:2.93-gpu-ubuntu18.04


  • nytimes/blender:2.92-cpu-ubuntu18.04
  • nytimes/blender:2.92-gpu-ubuntu18.04


  • nytimes/blender:2.91-cpu-ubuntu18.04
  • nytimes/blender:2.91-gpu-ubuntu18.04


  • nytimes/blender:2.90-cpu-ubuntu18.04
  • nytimes/blender:2.90-gpu-ubuntu18.04


  • nytimes/blender:2.83-cpu-ubuntu18.04
  • nytimes/blender:2.83-gpu-ubuntu18.04


  • nytimes/blender:2.82-cpu-ubuntu18.04
  • nytimes/blender:2.82-gpu-ubuntu18.04


  • nytimes/blender:2.81-cpu-ubuntu18.04
  • nytimes/blender:2.81-gpu-ubuntu18.04


  • nytimes/blender:2.80-cpu-ubuntu18.04
  • nytimes/blender:2.80-gpu-ubuntu18.04


To contribute a new image make sure you:

  • Add the image definition in the manifest.json
  • Add the image to this README in the Docker tags section
  • run the script (for instance using docker run -it --rm -v "$PWD":/usr/src/myapp -w /usr/src/myapp python:3.8-slim python
  • PR your change and if the change is approved, we will deploy it Docker Hub

This repository is maintained by the Research & Development team at The New York Times and is provided as-is for your own use. For more information about R&D at the Times visit

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