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IntelliJ IDEA / PhpStorm Yii2 Support

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IntelliJ IDEA / PhpStorm Yii2 Support

Provides Yii 2 Framework support for PhpStorm and IntelliJ IDEA.


Please make donations to support plugin development.
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  • View template names and parameters completion
  • Add view parameters after completion
  • Inspection for missing view templates
  • QuickFix for missing view templates
  • Jump to View file (go to declaration)
  • Inspection for required and unused template parameters
  • QuickFix for required and unused template parameters
  • Updates path to view template when file is moved


  • Code completion
  • Generate params array

Configuration arrays

Code completion for Yii configuration arrays. Works both in configuration files and on object instantiation. Following cases are supported:

  • Array in $config parameter in yii\base\Object or its descendants constructor
  • Array has a class key with valid class representation: fully qualified name as string, ClassName::class or Class::className()
  • Array is a value of a key that corresponds to standard Yii classes (like db, request, mailer, and so on), and a file with this array is located within config directory
  • WidgetClass::widget() and WidgetClass::begin calls in case WidgetClass is a descendant of yii\base\Widget
  • $field->widget() method call on yii\widgets\ActiveField and its descendants
  • Inside array in GridView, columns key
  • Yii::createObject method

Go To Declaration, Rename, Find usages and Help popups work whenever code completion works.

Database support

Database connection is required

Table Prefix support

Use plugin settings window to set up table prefix


  • Code completion for ActiveQuery (ActiveRecord::find()->where for example)
  • Code completion inside ActiveQuery linked to ActiveRecord
  • Inspection in case if ActiveQuery not linked to ActiveRecord


  • Code completion for ActiveRecord findAll(), findOne() and so on methods
  • Undetectable ActiveRecord table inspection
  • Code completion in relations methods


  • Code completion for migrations

Condition parameters

  • Condition parameters code completion
  • Condition parameters inspection


  • Synchronize properties with database
  • Unused properties inspection

Form support

  • Complete model attribute for $form->field($model, ...) & Html::active*($model, ...) methods

Validators support

  • Autocomplete for arrays in model's rules() method

Type resolution

  • Yii::createMethod()
  • one() and all() methods of ActiveQuery

Migration tool

  • Migrations UI Navigator
  • Apply/Undo/Redo migrations from UI
  • Support Remote CLI for Docker, Vagrant, VM, Remote servers
  • Sync IDE DataBase schema after Apply/Undo/Redo migration(s)
  • View command execution output


Inspections can be disabled inline /** @noinspection MissedViewInspection */.


  • MissedViewInspection
    Reports missing view templates
  • RequireParameterInspection
    Analyzes SQL condition and checks if all declared parameters are set
  • UnusedParameterInspection
    Detecting unused View parameters
  • ViewMissedPhpDocInspection
    Inspect PhpDoc for incoming parameters

Object Factory

  • ObjectFactoryMissedFieldInspection
    Reports missing object properties


  • MissedParamInspection
    Analyzes SQL condition and checks if all declared parameters are set
  • PropertiesInspection
    Detects properties do not correspond to class fields or table columns in case of ActiveRecord
  • UndetectableTableInspection
    Finds ActiveRecord table and check if it exists in database connections
  • MissingActiveRecordInActiveQueryInspection
    Check if ActiveQuery correctly linked to ActiveRecord


  • Open your PhpStorm or IntelliJ IDEA IDE.
  • Go to FileSettings.
  • Choose Plugins.
  • Press Browse repositories... button.
  • Type yii2 support.
  • Press Install green button on the very top of description.


The plugin is Open Source. You may contribute either by testing and reporting issues or by sending pull requests.

Spreading the Word

Acknowledging and or citing the plugin is as important as direct contributions.

If you are giving a presentation or talk we suggest using our logo.

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