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This project is deprecated in favor of
Alternatives To Laravel Graphql Relay
Project NameStarsDownloadsRepos Using ThisPackages Using ThisMost Recent CommitTotal ReleasesLatest ReleaseOpen IssuesLicenseLanguage
Lighthouse3,175464912 days ago281September 19, 2022121mitPHP
A framework for serving GraphQL from Laravel
Cms2,768310714 hours ago230September 27, 2022471otherPHP
The core Laravel CMS Composer package
Graphql Laravel1,9813299 days ago133June 11, 202210mitPHP
Laravel wrapper for Facebook's GraphQL
Laravel Graphql1,78472114 years ago65February 10, 2019125PHP
Facebook GraphQL for Laravel 5. It supports Relay, eloquent models, validation and GraphiQL.
a day ago99June 23, 202211mitVue
Laravel Vue headless CMS / admin panel / dashboard / builder / API CRUD generator, anything !
Graphqlite5311612a day ago20June 15, 202248mitPHP
Use PHP Attributes/Annotations to declare your GraphQL API
Laravel Vue Boilerplate482
2 years agomitPHP
:elephant: A Laravel 8 SPA boilerplate with a users CRUD using Vue.js 2.6, GraphQL, Bootstrap 4, TypeScript, Sass, and Pug.
Laravel Graphql Playground2711774 months ago21February 01, 2021mitPHP
This project is deprecated in favor of
Resources I Like265
3 years ago3
:books::100: Collection of learning resources i like
Lighthouse Graphql Passport Auth220
322 days ago45June 17, 2021mitPHP
Add GraphQL mutations to get tokens from passport for
Alternatives To Laravel Graphql Relay
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This project is deprecated in favor of nuwave/lighthouse


Use Facebook GraphQL with React Relay. This package extends graphql-php to work with Laravel and is currently a work in progress. You can reference what specifications GraphQL needs to provide to work with Relay in the documentation.

Although this package no longer depends on laraval-graphql, it laid the foundation for this package which likely wouldn't exist without it. It is also a great alternative if you are using GraphQL w/o support for Relay.

Because this package is still in the early stages, breaking changes will occur. We will keep the documentation updated with the current release. Please feel free to contribute, PR are absolutely welcome!


You must then modify your composer.json file and run composer update to include the latest version of the package in your project.

"require": {
    "nuwave/laravel-graphql-relay": "0.3.*"

Or you can use the composer require command from your terminal.

composer require nuwave/laravel-graphql-relay

Add the service provider to your config/app.php file


Add the Relay & GraphQL facade to your app/config.php file

'GraphQL' => Nuwave\Relay\Facades\GraphQL::class,
'Relay' => Nuwave\Relay\Facades\Relay::class,

Publish the configuration file

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Nuwave\Relay\LaravelServiceProvider"

Create a schema.php file and add the path to the config. See the Schema wiki page for more information on schema.php.

// config/relay.php
// ...
'schema' => [
    'path'      => 'Http/schema.php',
    'output'    => null,

To generate a schema.json file (used with the Babel Relay Plugin):

php artisan relay:schema

You can customize the output path in the relay.php config file under schema.output

For additional documentation, look through the docs folder or read the Wiki.

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