Source code for generating the QGreenland package hosted at https://qgreenland.org/
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This repository is responsible for the code and configuration for creating the QGreenland Core zip package. To download the package and learn more about QGreenland, visit our our website.

For more detailed information about using the QGreenland Core zip package and on how to contribute to QGreenland, see our Documentation

🎉 QGreenland v3 has been released! Please visit our website to download it now! Note that an official annoucement and more exciting news is planned for early September. Subscribe to the QGreenland newsletter to learn more!

A Free GIS package for Greenland

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QGreenland is a free mapping tool to support interdisciplinary Greenland-focused research, teaching, decision making, and collaboration. It combines key datasets into a unified, all-in-one GIS analysis and visualization environment for offline and online use.

An international Editorial Board and Project Collaborators connects the QGreenland Team to data and user communities.

Learn more about What is QGreenland?


For contributors

Those wishing to utilize the qgreenland code to create their own QGreenland data package should see the contributor How to build QGreenland Core guide.

For users of the QGreenland Core data package

See our Get started with QGreenland Core tutorial!

What is inside the QGreenland Core data package zip file?

At the root of the zip file, you will find useful files such as a UserGuide.pdf, the qgreenland.qgs QGIS project file and scientific discipline-specific directories containing data (GeoTIFFs and GeoPackages).

For more detailed information, see our documentation on the QGreenland Core Download Package.

Educational resources

We keep the QGreenland official website up-to-date with links to helpful educational resources, including our own QGreenland User Guide.


See our user troubleshooting guide here.


See our discusson page on contributing to get started!

Contributor documentation contains technical instructions about running the QGreenland pipeline code, but we also strive to describe everything clearly. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for any user of QGreenland to contribute to the project, so please do not be deterred from sharing your ideas.

If you have an idea for a new feature or have a bug to report, please submit an Issue.

If all else fails, please email us!


Please see our acknowledgements for our best effort to acknowledge all of the giants upon whose shoulders we stand.

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