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mod_websocket Build Status


use lighttpd v1.4.46 or after w/ mod_proxy and mod_wstunnnel.

Great thanks to lighty developpers.

What is this?

mod_websocket.c provides a WebSocket extension for lighttpd HTTP server ver 1.4.28-1.4.33(

How does mod_websocket work?

  1. WebSocket Proxy.
    Only Transfer WebSocket handshake and frame. But ssl is terminated by mod_websocket.
    client <--- ssl ---> lighttpd - mod_websocket <--- tcp ---> your websocket server

  2. WebSocket-TCP Proxy.
    Please see these figures.

How can I use this?

First, clone code.

$ git clone --recursive git://

and follow the instructions in INSTALL or read Wiki Page for Quick Start.


  1. Supports WebSocket Proxy and WebSocket-TCP Proxy.
    You can choose either WebSocket Proxy or WebSocket-TCP Proxy to every request URI.

  2. Supported protocols: hybi-00 and RFC-6455.
    See Can I use... for browser support.

  3. Automatic base64 {en, de}code on hybi-00 spec by setting "type" section "binary".
    (my answer of
    A more detailed description has been described in the INSTALL and websocket.conf.sample.


see COPYING.(same as lighty's LICENCE) and see lighttpd LICENCE.

great thanks to

Taiyo Fujii(@t_trace), Kensaku Komatsu(@komasshu), Toshiro Takahashi(@tohirot), Nobuyoshi Miyokawa(@nmiyo), Takezo(@velvetpass), Aaron Mitchell, Bejhan Jetha, Andrea D'Amore, Doug Johnson and lighty developpers!

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