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gonyvido: Video Downloader for Go

License MIT

A Video Downloder for any Go application

gonyvido provides a higher-level programming interface for integrate video download and conversion features to your go applications.

IMPORTANT: gonyvido is still in development phase so please please feel free to contribute and expand it to other video downloading sites.

install & try it out ! ✌️

gonyvido --url



go get

Quick Use

gonyvido -path "./download/mp3" -mp3 -url


package main

import (

func main() {
    // go lang song :)
    url := ""
    // if you need only the audio
    api.GetHQVideo(url) - > get high quality video
    api.GetMQVideo(url) - > get medium quality video
    api.GetLQVideo(url) - > get low quality video

Getting started

If you want to know what it is like to build applications with gonyvido, check main.go.

Related projects

gonyvido is mainly influenced by youtube.dl and kkdai/youtube offers a similar functionality that has been adapted to Go.


gonyvido is released under the MIT License.

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