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3 months ago17mitPython
An open-source, feature rich & extensible url-shortener + analytics written in Python :cookie:
3 months ago15mitKotlin
The sexiest pastebin and url shortener ever
11 hours ago15mitTypeScript
Free Modern URL Reducer. Make sure to share love by giving it a star.🌟 Have a great day!
20 days ago6mitGo
Your Own URL Shortener
6 years ago3gpl-2.0C
URL Shortener built on top of WAFer
Shlink Web Client181
11 hours ago23mitTypeScript
A React-based client application for Shlink
Minimal Url Shortener112
8 months agomitC#
An example web app based on the new feature in .NET 6 | minimal web API in ASP.NET 6
2 years agomitJavaScript
A file uploader + URL shortner written in node for your private cloud
a month ago2HTML
Saveto. Quick for save link, collections, notes, snipping, ...
a day ago1mitVue
A fullstack application using the MEVN stack to shorten your URLs.
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Linkto is a URL shortener. It shortens a long URL (such as to a shorter, more memorable URL like, making it much easier to share.


  1. Simple REST API to interact with. Creating links is as easy as curl --data 'longurl=' (Try it!)
  2. Very configurable. Its possible to change the kind of links generated by changing the files in the words directory. You could use AdjectiveScientist instead of AdjectiveAnimal if that's your thing.
  3. Easy to deploy. Once you install Docker, deploying this app will take only 3 commands


Edit the .env file with your hostname and the kind of URLs you'd like to generate.

  1. Install Docker and Docker Compose
  2. git clone - clone this repo
  3. docker-compose build - create a Docker image out of this repo
  4. docker-compose up - deploy linkto and redis containers and link them. Also expose linkto publicly.


Create pull requests or open an issue for any improvements, whether that's adding a feature in the server, improving the docker files or even adding your favourite scientist or animal to the word list. I would appreciate either :)

I'm working on these features next

  • Statistics for each link
  • Creation of user accounts


I'd like to thank Gary Burd for his excellent redis client, Salvatore Sanfilippo for redis and the Go Authors for the excellent standard library.

I got the list of adjectives from and the list of scientists from, so thanks to them too.

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