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A dead simple Go library for sending notifications to various messaging services.


Notify was born out of my own need to have my API servers running in production be able to notify me when critical errors occur. Of course, Notify can be used for any other purpose as well. The library is kept as simple as possible for quick integration and ease of use.


Any misuse of this library is your own liability and responsibility and cannot be attributed to the authors of this library. See license for more.

Spamming through the use of this library may get you permanently banned on most supported platforms.

Since Notify is highly dependent on the consistency of the supported external services and the corresponding latest client libraries, we cannot guarantee its reliability nor its consistency, and therefore you should probably not use or rely on Notify in critical scenarios.


go get -u

Example usage

// Create a telegram service. Ignoring error for demo simplicity.
telegramService, _ := telegram.New("your_telegram_api_token")

// Passing a telegram chat id as receiver for our messages.
// Basically where should our message be sent?

// Tell our notifier to use the telegram service. You can repeat the above process
// for as many services as you like and just tell the notifier to use them.
// Inspired by http middlewares used in higher level libraries.

// Send a test message.
_ = notify.Send(
	"The actual message - Hello, you awesome gophers! :)",


In this example, we use the global Send() function. Similar to most logging libraries such as zap, we provide global functions for convenience. However, as with most logging libraries, we also recommend avoiding the use of global functions as much as possible. Instead, use one of our versatile constructor functions to create a new local Notify instance and pass it down the stream.

Read the library docs for more information.


Yes, please! Contributions of all kinds are very welcome! Feel free to check our open issues. Please also take a look at the contribution guidelines.

Psst, don't forget to check the list of missing services waiting to be added by you or create a new issue if you want a new service to be added.

Supported services

Click here to request a missing service.

Service Path Credits
Amazon SES service/amazonses aws/aws-sdk-go-v2
Amazon SNS service/amazonsns aws/aws-sdk-go-v2
Bark service/bark -
DingTalk service/dinding blinkbean/dingtalk
Discord service/discord bwmarrin/discordgo
Email service/mail jordan-wright/email
Firebase Cloud Messaging service/fcm appleboy/go-fcm
Lark service/lark go-lark/lark
Line service/line line/line-bot-sdk-go
Line Notify service/line utahta/go-linenotify
Mailgun service/mailgun mailgun/mailgun-go
Microsoft Teams service/msteams atc0005/go-teams-notify
Plivo service/plivo plivo/plivo-go
Pushbullet service/pushbullet cschomburg/go-pushbullet
RocketChat service/rocketchat RocketChat/Rocket.Chat.Go.SDK
SendGrid service/sendgrid sendgrid/sendgrid-go
Slack service/slack slack-go/slack
Syslog service/syslog log/syslog
Telegram service/telegram go-telegram-bot-api/telegram-bot-api
TextMagic service/textmagic textmagic/textmagic-rest-go-v2
Twilio service/twilio kevinburke/twilio-go
Twitter service/twitter dghubble/go-twitter
WeChat service/wechat silenceper/wechat
WhatsApp service/whatsapp Rhymen/go-whatsapp


The logo was made by the amazing MariaLetta.

Similar projects

Just to clarify, Notify was not inspired by any other project. I created it as a tiny subpackage of a larger project and only later decided to make it a standalone project. In this section I just want to mention other great projects.

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