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newbee-mall newbee-mall newbee-mall-admin Spring Boot 2.X Vue

Vue Vue 3.x API newbee-mall-api




newbee-mall newbee-mall in GitHub
newbee-mall in Gitee
Spring BootThymeleafMyBatisMySQL
newbee-mall-plus newbee-mall-plus in GitHub
newbee-mall-plus in Gitee
Spring BootThymeleafMyBatisMySQLRedis
newbee-mall-cloud newbee-mall-cloud in GitHub
newbee-mall-cloud in Gitee
Spring Cloud AlibabaNacosSentinelOpenFeignSeata
newbee-mall-api newbee-mall-api in GitHub
newbee-mall-api in Gitee
Spring BootMyBatisSwaggerMySQL
newbee-mall-api-go newbee-mall-api-go in GitHub
newbee-mall-api-go in Gitee
newbee-mall-vue-app newbee-mall-vue-app in GitHub
newbee-mall-vue-app in Gitee
Vue 2.xVant
newbee-mall-vue3-app newbee-mall-vue3-app in GitHub
newbee-mall-vue3-app in Gitee
Vue 3.0Vue-Router 4.0Vuex 4.0Vant 3.0
vue3-admin vue3-admin in GitHub
vue3-admin in Gitee
Vue 3.0Element-PlusVue-Router 4.0Vite

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