[Swift] Pings google every 1s and displays the current network latency in a bar graph
Alternatives To Overping
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6 days ago35July 31, 202329mitRust
Ping, but with a graph
2 months ago1February 27, 201825mitShell
`prettyping` is a wrapper around the standard `ping` tool, making the output prettier, more colorful, more compact, and easier to read.
3 days ago1March 03, 202119apache-2.0C
a realtime plotting utility for terminal/console with data input from stdin
6 months ago27mitJava
Monitor performance of your Minecraft server. Similar to VisualVM and Java Mission Control.
2 years ago7mitC#
PingoMeter - is a small portable program that show your ping in Windows system tray
3 months ago3ReScript
Custom TF2 HUD
2 years ago2unlicenseJavaScript
Ping latency graphing CLI
7 months ago3September 01, 20181Rust
Display a ping graph in a terminal
Spark Ping28
8 years ago3Ruby
a ping "GUI" for the command line that prints sparkline graphs
5 years agomitSwift
[Swift] Pings google every 1s and displays the current network latency in a bar graph
Alternatives To Overping
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By @nevyn.

OverPing lets you continuously monitor the performance of your Internet connection. This is useful if you're on unreliable wifi or Hotspotting while travelling, as it lets you tell at a glance whether your current connectivity problems are your connection's fault or not.

For example, I keep this running while on the train and doing a Hangout or Slack voice chat. When the other side cuts out, I can look at the bars: if they're green, it's their connection that sucks; if they're not green, it's my connection.

Before OverPing, I would always have a Terminal window open on every desktop just doing ping OverPing does this, but on every desktop, and with a pretty, animated bar graph. Each pixel represents one millisecond of delay in getting information to and from Internet.

screenshot 2017-01-15 16 05 20

Installation and usage

  1. Download OverPing 1.0 (1)
  2. Unzip and drag it to your Applications folder (or wherever)
  3. Double click to launch

There are no configuration options.


  • Fix the bug where bars disappear when scrolling
  • Exponential bars?
  • Better visualization of error type
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