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Netguru Mobile Security Checklist

At Netguru we care about security of our mobile applications, that's why our mobile security group has created this checklist. This repository contains a list of security requirements that can increase the security of mobile application.

Every requirement should contain a handbook describing:

  • Risk related with the requirement.
  • Information when the app should apply this requirement.
  • Solution how to apply requirement.
  • Explanation how to test your app againt this risk.

Which should make it easier to decide, if app need such requirement and how to apply it.

Why did we decide to create a Mobile Security Checklist?

We wanted to make mobile security more accessible and standardize the list of requirements that projects could conform to.

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This project is made with ❤️ by Netguru.


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The mobile security checklist is available as open source under the terms of the Apache 2.0 LICENSE.

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