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Quiz App

Simple EventSourcing example using .NET Core, React, Docker, Jenkins and K8s.



  • run with minikube

    • Setup minikube


    • Setup dnsmasq (optional)

      sudo INGRESS_DOMAIN=quiz.internal ./k8s/hack/

      Notes: For automatic dns wilcards resolution use dnsmasq

    • Install jenkins and quiz app

      • Export the following environment variables:

        export INGRESS_DOMAIN='quiz.internal'
        export QUIZ_ENVIRONMENT='production'
        export TAG_BRANCH=master
        export REGISTRY=localhost:30400
        export TAG=latest
        export JENKINS_PASSWORD=changeit
        export GITHUB_REPO=netcorebcn/quiz
        export GITHUB_USER=mygithubuser
        export GITHUB_TOKEN='<TOKEN>'
      • Execute ./k8s/hack/

      • Add ingress hosts to local host file (only if dnsmasq is not setup)

        echo $(minikube ip) {jenkins,rabbit,registry}.quiz.internal quiz.internal | sudo tee -a /etc/hosts

      • Open http://jenkins.quiz.internal/job/quiz/ and Build!

      • Once its build Open http://quiz.internal and http://quiz.internal?results

      • Github integration for Pull Request workflow

        ./ngrok http jenkins.quiz.internal:80 -host-header=jenkins.quiz.internal

    Setup script example

    You can use full example setup with ngrok and dnsmasq integration: ./k8s/hack/, it requires to store the enviroment variables in a secrets file.


Some slides on the process here:

We aren't starting from the scratch. We are using ideas and code from other awesome repos.

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