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[ALMOST NOT MAINTAINED] Angular File Upload is a module for the AngularJS framework
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Angular File Upload3,457279274 months ago25August 20, 2020247mitJavaScript
[ALMOST NOT MAINTAINED] Angular File Upload is a module for the AngularJS framework
Ng Flow1,3975442 years ago4March 17, 2018155mitJavaScript
Flow.js html5 file upload extension on angular.js framework
6 years ago4August 01, 201611JavaScript
An AngularJS Service for uploading files using iframe
Ng S3upload193
4 years ago1March 24, 201531mitJavaScript
Upload to S3 using AngularJS
a year ago13
Ng Dropzone123956 years ago9February 24, 20177apache-2.0JavaScript
:paperclip: AngularJS directive for Dropzone, an easy to use drag'n'drop file upload library.
Angular S3 Upload100
6 years ago10JavaScript
AngularJS To S3 Upload Demo Application
Angular File87
8 years ago5bsd-3-clause
Native file upload handling for AngularJS
37 years agoNovember 01, 20142mitJavaScript
AngularJS qiniu cloud storage large file upload service with support resumble,progress
Angularjs File Upload Rails4078116 days ago5January 03, 2017mitRuby
AngularJS File Upload is a module for the AngularJS framework.
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Angular File Upload

  • compatible with AngularJS v1.x


Angular File Upload is a module for the AngularJS framework. Supports drag-n-drop upload, upload progress, validation filters and a file upload queue. It supports native HTML5 uploads, but degrades to a legacy iframe upload method for older browsers. Works with any server side platform which supports standard HTML form uploads.

When files are selected or dropped into the component, one or more filters are applied. Files which pass all filters are added to the queue. When file is added to the queue, for him is created instance of {FileItem} and uploader options are copied into this object. After, items in the queue (FileItems) are ready for uploading.

Package managers

NPM npm

npm install angular-file-upload

You could find this module in npm like angular file upload.

Yarn npm

yarn add --exact angular-file-upload

You could find this module in yarn like angular file upload.

Module Dependency

Add 'angularFileUpload' to your module declaration:

var app = angular.module('my-app', [


  1. Simple example
  2. Uploads only images (with canvas preview)
  3. Without bootstrap example

More Info

  1. Introduction
  2. Module API
  3. FAQ
  4. Migrate from 0.x.x to 1.x.x
  5. RubyGem

Browser compatibility

This module uses the feature detection pattern for adaptation its behaviour: fd1, fd2.

You could check out features of target browsers using For example, the File API feature.

Feature/Browser IE 8-9 IE10+ Firefox 28+ Chrome 38+ Safari 6+
<input type="file"/> + + + + +
<input type="file" multiple/> - + + + +
Drag-n-drop - + + + +
Iframe transport (only for old browsers) + + + + +
XHR transport (multipart,binary) - + + + +
An image preview via Canvas (not built-in) - + + + +
AJAX headers - + + + +

How to ask a question

A right way to ask a question

If you have a question, please, follow next steps:

  • Try to find an answer to your question using search
  • If you have not found an answer, create new issue on issue-tracker

Why email a question is a bad way?

When you emal me a question:

  • You lose an opportunity to get an answer from other team members or users (devs)
  • It requires from me to answer on same questions again and again
  • It is not a rational way. For example, if everybody who use code of this project will have emailed me a question then I will be receiving ~700 emails each day =)
  • It is a very slow way. I have not time for it.
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